Friday, October 1, 2021






Blooming with scents divine

Colours abundant and glorious

In their texture, shape and forms

Enticing many insects to come feed

To taste sweet nectar divine

Thus completing a small circle of life

Before withering away to the earth

Until it is time to be born and blossom again.

Donna McCabe ©


Life's Temptations 


Always There

Around every corner

Each step we take

Is marred with temptations

We know not if they

Will be sweet or bitter

Until that bite, that taste

Have we wasted our time?

Or embraced a miracle?

Only time will tell...

Donna McCabe (C)


Love's Energy



In the abundance of your love

Feeling vibrant and glowing


With energy waves so strong

Feeding off your vibes

As you do mine...

Donna McCabe ©


Lunar Thoughts


The moon carves images into my mind

As I sleep in deep slumber

Its imagination knows no bounds.

Donna McCabe ©




Release it, let it go

Don't replay it once more

Reviewing, replaying the past

Don't become a hostage

To those bad times gone by

Forget the should haves, the could haves

The what might have beens

Release it, let it go

Think of the future unseen

It's time to forgive yourself

Let go of it all

Time to metamorphosis

Like a caterpillar change

Grow wings and fly free.

Donna McCabe ©




DONNA MCCABE is an established poet with over 20 years experience whos vast variety of work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magizines and anthologies aswell as being a highly respected admin in multiple social media groups, her most recent works of merit would include The Writers and Readers' Magazine, Our Poetry Archive,Raven Cage Zine and featuring in a book published by Poetry Planet called Words in Motion. Donna's intricate wordplay displayed in her works has been personified by her past and concurrent experiences which include her hardships, trials and tribulations. All of which she has been accopanied by her loving husband of 24 years. Together they have raised three children in the picturesque valleys of the Rhondda, South Wales. Her lifetime admiration of reading and writing has steered her into a adventurous new direction of collaborations with an up and coming Canadian artist Alla Ilescu whos idiosyncratic mind and artistic works compliment the vivd images Donna's narritve works paint.

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