Friday, October 1, 2021




Many Tomorrows To Break Your Fall


Even when your world is blind

With oceans of atrocities

Even when nothing seems to hint

An iota of hope,

Open your eyes as if you cannot sleep

And heave and sigh as your heart


Knowing that life is a fire

Burning without ashes crumbling

And take a moment to seek His guidance

And make one forward leap

Towards your dreams

Kindle tiny lamps to light

Your journey, step by step

Break the hurdles like falling rain

Where dark, grey clouds abound

Never look back on yesterday

For there are many tomorrows

Waiting to break your fall.



[Fibonacci poem inverted)





wading through

life, seeking for truth;

sometimes the water is too deep;

and chances are I see the lowly and lost alone.

They look at me in amazement, asking: ‘Who are you?’

I nod my head, and clasp my hands

greeting, ‘Namaste’,






No Place To Go

[Fibonacci poem inverted]





leaking roofs

where sleep knows no dream

and the dampness is innocent.

Mother speaks to thunder of the night to be quiet.

‘Why so much noise?’ the Mother asks. Hugging her infant.

Raindrops sing pitter and patter

the darkness silent

new normal

no place






LEONARD DABYDEEN is a Guyanese-born Canadian freelance writer, critic, literary book reviewer (fiction and poetry), and Human Rights activist (Amnesty International). He is a graduate of the Univ. of Guyana and former Lecturer at the Government Teachers’ Training College in Guyana; a Licensed Paralegal (retired) under the Law Society of Ontario, and a Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits in Ontario. He is a prolific poetry and book critic contributor to social media online, including Linkedin, FaceBook,, Trivenie-journal (India), Confluence South Asian (U.K.), Muse India e-journal (India), The Gandhi Way Newsletter (U.K.), Inspiration (pen: STAReye), (former) Member of the Society of Classical Poets (U.S.A,), Muse-Pie (Fib Review and Shot Glass Journal), OUR POETRY ARCHIVE (OPA), Spectrum Publishing Poetry and Art (U.K.), Asian Literary Society, POEMarium, Poetry Central, English Poets and Writers’ Association of India, Writers World Poets Corner, Gurukul, STANDS4Network,, Power Poetry,, Poetry Soup, ARC, Formal Haiku The Art of 5-7-5, Setu Bilingual Magazine (U.S.A.); Life Member and Literary Critic of MetVerse Muse (India). Published author: Watching You, A Collection of Tetractys Poems, Xlibris Publications (2012); Searching For You, A Collection of Tetractys and Fibonacci Poems, Xlibris Publications (2015). Live in Ontario, Canada.


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