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Envy Between Progress And Future


Cry the soul when it overflows you

Sadness, hard work, effort and you

Are filled with the envy of those

That they cultivate and preserve it.

How treasure they live on envy,

How incapable they are. These look and

They watch, criticize and sit waiting

See what happens and what happens next.

But what they don't know is that the future

It will not reach them because it will be criticizing.

It won't come to them because they weave and

Unravel the future that comes to others.

Those others who criticize are coming

In sufficient quantity success and progress.

His lips say, destroy and elaborate

Inaccurate conclusions wanting to harm.

How much damage do they do with their degrading words?

In order to destroy the other that doesn’t bother them.

How many times the one who works was misjudged and the

One that produces in his/her daily labor or in his/her work?

How judged without thinking that the one who does,

The one who study, he who creates, he who writes

Truths with his metaphorical resources applying his

Art done poetry; or maybe made a novel... it just does?

He does writing those fantastic stories, or those

Real stories that happened in other times; ... or

What do I know! Probably writes his memoirs

Or it could be art in general teaching science.

But that person who did so much damage; today is

Unknown none of it because, it stayed in the past tense

Looking and criticizing. Because he had nothing to do

And being impotent; he wanted to destroy that being of light.

Of course, an envious person looks like a stone in

A shoe; that does not progress and pretending that the other

Person did not show off his work. What was known it is

That; meanwhile, the maker got the success so well deserved.

After so many tears shed, before so much adversity

Produced with intention; and while the creator

Worked the way of progress and future it emerged

With success and achievements as deserved as rewards.

A fair prize won for perseverance, for work, for effort

And will to achieve the goal of work successfully

Completed. It is just that each which gets what

He really deserves based on overcoming.


Feat Of Peace, Freedom And Humanity


The white pearls in the oysters so pearly and

Pure they reflect the sky so celestial; how clean

The child's soul as unscathed as an angel.

The snake hidden in the stubble; how

Treacherous crawls in search of her terrified

Hidden prey almost invisible, creeping and perverse.

The heart beats pouring and spilling life and

Being here and now so latent; like the sun

Enlighten human beings and likewise that

The nectar of freedom throbs integrating

With peace and humanity lighting minds

In people staying on planet Earth.

Sighs and hopes for freedom, peace and

Humanity inside people's hearts oppressed

With the weight of the mighty tyrant giant.

It is gestating in the world march for rights and

Freedoms; just like the tilled land where a seed

Germinated is cared with love by the hands of man.


Living Nature... Still Life


Living nature... still life... How badly

Treated planet Earth is! How bad

Nature has done to be human for;

That he aware to unconscious

Is destroying the flora, the fauna,

The orography, the hydrography!

Why man and why science...? Why

Are dirty and harmful people who

Despise nature, beauty and the

Paradise of the vegetation of the beautiful

Nature and natural life of animals of

So varied wild and wild species?

Horror… rivers and seas with plastic garbage

Used because to people find it easier than

Pick them up to leave them in a safe place.

Ditches and city places with useless remains from

Homes fleeing so as not to be discovered how

Crime for; not taking responsibility for his remains.

Manufacturing establishments developing

Diversity civilization utilities; with process

Waste processing taken without necessary

Collections disposal for; home collection as

Poisons spilled indiscriminately contaminating

Pure water for drinking, the air and for everyday life.

Why do we destroy nature... that what

do we need to live, breathe and enjoy...?

Why do we destroy what gives us happiness

If; any day off we look for nature to relax

And rest from stress, from work and from

Everyday life... from the hustle and bustle?




Dr. ANA MARÍA MANUEL ROSA, born in the city of San Rafael in the province of Mendoza (Argentina), is a Bromatologist received at the National University of Cuyo in Argentina, Professor of English as a Second Language received in California USA, Tutor in Virtual Environments received at ITU Technological University Institute from UNCUYO in Argentina, Research and report writing technician (UNCUYO); Project Advisor and Evaluator (DGE General Direction of Schools of Mendoza province), Literary Corrector received in Madrid Spain, Editor and Writer. The famous writer, novelist, poet, short story writer, researcher, historian and international speaker Ana María Manuel Rosa has three Doctors Honoris Cause, too is Master Honoris Cause. She has the Recognition of the Medal of the Order of Cervantes and the Recognition of the Medal of Kairat Duissenov; she is an Honorary Member of the International Arts Council (IAC); Honorary Member of the Latin American Poets Club; Member of CIESART 2017105433-AR; Honorary Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Tarija; Latin American Lady of Poetry; Director of the Mendoza Delegation of the North American Academy of International Modern Literature ANLMI Argentine Republic Chapter from 11-18-2020 to 04-27-2021; Recognition of the Academy of the Government of Gujarat India for Argentina within 350 writers and poets of the world from 80 countries in 2020 and in 2021 too among 440 writers; Peace Love Member of International Human Rights Organization IHRO; Universal Ambassador of Peace from Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors (France-Swiss); Universal Ambassador of Culture; Literature Ambassador; International Ambassador for Creativity and Humanity; Cultural Ambassador for the World in Argentina of CIESART; Women Ambassador Sunflower Culture of Equity; Humanitarian Ambassador; Ambassador of  Access to Human Rights International AHRI; Cultural Ambassador of INNER CHILD PRESS of Washington USA for Argentina and South America and International Ambassador of Peace of World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights WLFPHR. She has recently been appointed with the position of Executive Director of Cohesion Cultural Projects: History, Poetry, Arts, Food Science, Education and Creation; Narrative, Biodiversity, Multidisciplinary Gender Equality of the International Sunflower Women and Men Network in Mendoza (Argentina) 2021-2022. A position she resigned on 10-04-2021 for being too busy with her own personal projects, which demand a lot of her time. Too she is General Director of Social Assignments of CIESART of Barcelona Spain.


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