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It Is The Season Of Darkness


It is the worst of times. It is the age of foolishness. It is the epoch of hypocrisy. It is the season of Darkness. It was the winter of despair when it all started. We have nothing before us to reclaim our sanity. We are all going direct towards destruction. We are not ashamed of renouncing our liberty. We are not ashamed of abandoning the truth. We are enjoying the media lies. We are enjoying our idiocy. Institutions are demanding obedience. Rulers are demanding blind faith. And the corporates are setting the rules of the games. The leaders are playing the games according to those rules. The media is driving the mass crazy. And we, the idiots, are blindly following the media. It is the era of hysteria. It is the world of hypocrites.

Sadly enough, it is time to confess that all our poetry and literary activities are the products of this mass hysteria and inherent hypocrisy. Yes, I'm talking about the reactions of the world literary fraternity since 24th February. The day the Russian army started specific military intervention in Ukraine to liberate Donbas and demilitarize and de-nazify Ukraine. Since then, the Russophobia has become more dangerously infectious than the Covid -19. And Europe has become its epicenter. Fascism is on the rise all over Europe. Nationalism is being encouraged to foment anti-Russian sentiment. Fake news fabricated by the western-media and endorsed by Washington-DC. has engulfed the entire European conscience. People and poets alike behave just like puppets programmed with some specific purposes. Only to execute, a definitive plan, the conspirators are driving the mass frenzy not to denounce wars and the military-industrial complex, but to denounce Putin and Russia. 

Almost everyone, especially in Europe, is supporting their governments, fueling the flame by sending more arms and warheads to Ukraine so that we can have a prolonged and devastating war in Ukraine. Unfortunately, none is aware of the facts and causes of the Ukraine crisis. Nobody wants to know the history of Ukraine. None has had any clue what is going on in Ukraine since February 2014. Everyone seems to be blatantly satisfied with the propaganda machinery of the west, believing it is only Putin, one fine morning decided to invade and conquer Ukraine. It is indeed the darkest period of human history, especially in Europe. Politically, financially, and even in defense, the Europeans have surrendered their sovereignty, independence, and liberty to the USA. Europe has made itself a colony of the United States of America. Each European nation has bulldozed its national interests to the interests of the USA. What is more pathetic is the fact that the Europeans have lost their sanity to realize this tragedy. 

No, nobody wants to end this war soon. Everyone is interested in prolonging this war by sending more and more arms to Ukraine. None is interested in safeguarding international peace and helping the Ukrainians trapped in this conflict in the war zone. Europe is dancing to the tune playing from Washington-DC to introduce more sanctions on Russia to cripple the world economy. Europe is not worried about the devastating economic effects that, are looming large on the poverty-stricken nations of Asia and Africa. Europe has gone to such an extent of insanity that it is not even thinking of its self-interests. All it is doing is parading in obedience to Pentagon. 

So, this very Russophobia is at the heart of our thought processes. The rulers of the game have successfully installed this hatred in our mindset. People or poets are uttering and writing their words and concerns, not against the war or even the war machinery that rules the world. Their cries and agonies are based only on false emotions and sympathies, guided by hysterias and hypocrisies. Yes, the Ukraine crisis has exposed us all around. Unfortunately, as a poet, if our literary conscience is lost the truth itself, then whatever we write or produce as literature or poetry will end up as trash. 

Too many poetry anthologies have been published on the topic 'Ukraine' without even interpreting the crisis of the Ukrainians. Without even finding the truth, historical, political, and socio-economical. Those participating in these anthologies with their emotional expressions hardly know the actual truth. None are even interested to know the in-depth crisis and its cause. Nobody has any clue about the enemies of Ukraine. All their emotions and sympathies for Ukraine have been monitored and constantly guided by media lies and fake news fabricated under the direct orders of Washington DC and its allies. Yes, it is the worst of times. It is the age of foolishness. It is the epoch of hypocrisy. It is the season of Darkness.

Poetry, devoid of truth, will never sustain the test of time. Poetry of false emotions and sympathies will never sustain the test of human dignity. Poetry based on fake news will never find any place in literature. Poetry without the purpose of fighting evil will never find its true meaning in humanity. And poets with blind faiths and installed hatred are driven by media lies guided by mass hysteria and racial hypocrisy, will be forgotten, even before their death.History has proven it time and time again. History will prove it again in time. 

NilavroNill Shoovro

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  1. Very incisive viewpoint dear editor!!?"poetry devoid of truth will never sustain the test of time" Thanks for reminding this to all writers and readers!!!