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I'm Not Your Toy


Powerful, invisible wind,

take me from the rock wall while I sail,

while wild waves flow around me.

The wonderful darkness, cold, take me to the far

horizon of that blue distance, which is unattainable.

I'm trying to catch you, with a sigh, but I'm the man who

persistently abandons you with an exhale.

I'm trying persistently to grab your invisible force.

I feel the shudder, to every touch of my skin.

Every pore opened to absorb you, but unsuccessfully.

You swing me with swaying intensity, on a steep wall.

I'm playing with life.

I'd like to hug you,

and you push me away, you carry me to the mainland.

I'm sure you don’t want me, because

I hear behind you the waves that you navigate with,

dragging the small pebbles off the beach

and returning it again, different, more shapely.

You're changing the game's order.

You shift every object that is on your way.

Strong winds, I hear how the earth calls me.

I hear sparkling water joining

in the waterfalls with the shore.

I hear this unusual shape of whiteness

that rustles through the fine gravel.

I hear your pleasantly swimming of a mixed bowel

and I go to the edge where the water does not reach.

And I stand, I feel that I am untouchable,

that I am the other world.

While you howl at me even more powerful

to escape further into my interior.





Don’t tell me how to go away,

how to get over it.

You don’t hear my heart how crazy

it beats and the blood goes down the slide.

I don’t breathe.

Don’t tell me that tomorrow will be better

and the world is woven with shiny threads,

with the colors of the Sun.

You don’t see the rain that unpleasantly taps

on the roof of the city and disappears slowly,

it is scattered and extinguished.

Don’t talk to me, keep silent

Our eyes will see all the weight of heavenly clouds.

Our eyes will meet with silent glances in time.

Don’t talk, the universe sleeps.

Don’t whisper, not to wake billions of eyes

from the sky that blink.

Don’t tell me anything.

In your harbor,

however, my long memories are poured.

You don’t know the source.



Breaking up


I loved my man inside me.

He fulfilled my time day and night.

And then he left.

He left me imagined, sad.

Unanswered questions are countless.

Indescribable events, secrets.

He left a silence behind him, a void.

Now I'm listening to the morning

and telling myself how it happened and how it

maybe could have been,

if I had been a different woman.

He’s gone.

It is unnecessary to call for him anymore,

he doesn’t hear, he is far away,

he is far in his silence,

the silence of his world, complete.

And he is no longer alone.





You like Amon-Ra, the main deity of the ancient Egyptians

and the symbol of creative power and birth,

like Amor, a god of love and jokes

of the ancient Romans and as Eros,

you think love wins everything

and that love is stronger than anything

and all your entertainment and play.

As very fun, interesting and enjoyable

with nice manners and with

a relationship to the whole world

in a friendly manner you speak,

but I believe you,

as a mistress in love,

without superfluous words.


As a resident of a bright zone,

which one shadow into one season

throws to the north and the other to the south,

in the middle of everything, I trust you.

You've penetrated into all the secrets

of carousel, comedy, cheerful music and rhythm

in everything that signifies the joy in the world.

Now, you think just of the party.

So it's easy for me to follow you

and I trust you above everything.

We are playing,

time just waiting for us,

minutes are in question.



The Cyclone Will End



It smells like wonderful water in Dalmatia,

like in Bar, like in Vancouver,


and the big waves I see them alone.

Loneliness in this city

and there are millions of us.

It's raining and the rain is gray and the ocean is gray.

Time of big waves

in me, in people, animals,

which are slowly approaching the cities

they are not afraid, people are afraid, I am afraid.

And waves like life strong as the wind blows

processes pebbles. Strong water grinds...

Big waves are coming and then they won't

never be the same again. I'm trying to

I get used to it and cry

never the same again,

never and that's just the beginning.



Mountain World Savanna

And Rain-Forest



Kilimanjaro Mountains,

Victorian Falls,

land of culture,

the land of tradition

I am writing about you.


In art

symbols are important

and colors.

The man is important.

Man's connection with the tribe.

A tribe bound to the universe.

A tribe related to space.


Life is complex.

Because everything is important in the tribe.

Birth and death,

drought and rain,

earth and animals,



It's important!


Abstract art in

figures for rituals in wood.

It's important!

The head is big

it is the center of wisdom,



for believers.


Everything is unconscious and spiritual




as a world

in the making

as life

in childbirth

as true knowledge

of life

and bare survival

in the world

in rain-forests

and the jungle

through the savanna

through the lions


It is important!




TANJA AJTIC is from Serbia but lives in Vancouver, Canada. Her poems and stories have been published in more than one hundred and seventy collections (books), anthologies, electronic books and magazines. Her poems have been published in eight language. She published a book of poetry "Outlines of Love" in 2018. She has been awarded with many prizes and diplomas. She is currently writing poetry, short stories, haiku, gogyoshi poetry. She artistic graphics as a freelance artist. Hers art graphic were published in books and magazines.

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