Friday, July 1, 2022






your moan is eating away at me.

It banishes peace,

exposes the lie,

kills death.

One thing I'm afraid of, sea -

and much life is equal to death.




There was everything then -

and talks at midnight, and music

and completeness of the infinite.

Grass, smiles, clean storms,

Santana, Mozart and Beethoven,

rocks and bare hills,

favorite dogs and cats,

confidence and a few words,

lull and a full moon.




Of all those

who do not choose the means, I am afraid.

Because I have something to lose -


But even more then I'm afraid

if I see hunters -

of the thought of not losing others.

In fact, both thoughts are sisters

on such a night of silver stars.



Diana T.


She knew everything

Because she was the friend

Who knew everything

She could do everything

Because she was the friend

Who could do everything

And the sky was blue


And the air was fresh

And our souls were fresh too

When life was real

And we were real

You can not even love literature

without like-minded people




MIROSLAVA PANAYOTOVA (Bulgaria) graduated from Plovdiv University, specialty Bulgarian philology and English language. She has published poems, stories, tales, aphorisms, essays, criticisms, translations, articles and interviews in periodical and collections. She has published the following poetry books: Nuances, 1994, God of the senses, 2005, Pitcher, 2014, Whisper of leaves, 2017, Green feeling, 2018; two books with stories: An end, and then a beginning, 2017, Path of love, 2018; two eBooks: Laws of communicatons /aphorisms/, 2018, Old things /poetry/, 2018. She is a member of the Union of the Independent Bulgarian Writers and a member of Movimiento Poetas del mundo. She is a member and a coordinator in the team to the e-journal Ghorsowar, too. Miroslava Panayotova is an ambassador of IFCH (International Forum for Creativity and Humanity).

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