Friday, July 1, 2022




I'm On The Morning, At Dawn

I'm on the morning, at dawn

I'll go out to a clear stream.

I 'll take water in the palm of my hand,

I'll sprinkle all the glades.


Barefoot on pure dew

I'll fly like the wind.

I 'll braid the sun 's braids

And I'll light a candle for dawn.


I'll collect daisies in the field,

I'll collect forget-me-nots.

I'll let the sadness go free,

Let it flutter in the wind.


Give me strength, the wind is free,

Sveta, the sun is the soul!

Our freedom is good,

And I'm a good girl!


Pour out, my song,

By lakes and ponds.

Along the thin paths in the forest,

Yes, by gentle, by colors.


Let him hear my dear friend

And he will pick up my song.

How I loved him,

I also love him!




It's always like I'm in the cradle,

After all, your love is warm with me.

Mom, Mom, blizzards and blizzards

They settled down a long time ago.


         For me, you are the dearest,

         I'll tell you more than once.

         Only to you, without understanding love,

         I'll tell you all the secrets.


I said I'd be naughty,

Ran away with a light breeze,

But you always knew that I needed

Only your hands to be warm.


          I know that you will always accept me,

          Even if I'm wrong.

          As always, you will embrace with all your heart,

You will find the right words.


The heart is like a stone cooling down,

If something is wrong.

Just don't let your love melt,

The rest, Mom, is nothing.




You take the mood with you,

Yes, such that the soul sang!

Look around, no doubt

It's good to live, and life is good!


Let the winds of separation, let the unfaithful friend,

But doubts away, I want to help!

Even if everything goes awry,

Everything will pass, know that it's nothing!


Say hello to those who frown

And thickens all the colors around,

Who frowns from bright days forever,

Who suddenly has a broken heel.


You don't even know, life gives a lesson,

And doubts away, I want to help!

Even if everything goes awry,

Everything will pass, know that it's nothing!




IRINA VALENTINOVNA SHULGINA, Honored Worker of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts (St. Petersburg). Academician International Academy for the Development of Literature and Art (Canada). Academician of the Academy of Literature, Art and Communication/BLICK (Germany). Member of the International Union of Writers (Moscow). Member of the Writers' Union of North America and the International Union of Performing Authors...


 С уважением, Шульгина Ирина Валентиновна, Заслуженный работник культуры Красноярского края. Академик Петровской академии наук и искусств (СПб). Академик Международной академии развития литературы и искусства (Канада). Академик академии литературы, искусства и коммуникации/ЛИК (Германия).

Член Интернационального союза писателей (Москва). Член союза писателей Северной Америки и Международного союза Авторов - Исполнителей...

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