Friday, July 1, 2022



My Heart Is In Yours


Don't let me die without your presence in thy heart

Since you are a part of my blood


Which flows over and over in all oceans

It looks like a sparkling light


Though you aren't in my side

But my heart is in yours


As long as this world belongs to us

Never you and i think everything


Spoil our heart

When both of us are in the love



The Smiling Moon


The moon I have seen is smiling

Once I know it is full of colors

The values of its color make me happy

How can it run away from thy life


If the the moon hates one with another

Keep the moon to be honest to live in

As long as this world belongs to us

No matter the life comes to the end


Let’s keep the moon smile in life

Before the sun goes to the west

Before its lighting fades away

Who knows it enlightens some other days


Whem its smiling comes

The earth keeps silent to wait

To secure the lives from the wild

Till the value of life comes up again

June 9, 2022.Copyright


Long Bridge


No bridges can’t be crossed

As long as the heart be in calm

Though it looks like vulcanic mudflow

No matter to keep in the lives


Try not to be in complaint

Before the river under the bridge comes up

Be patient to cross slowly

As long as it comes to provide glory


No bridges can’t be crossed

If the heart be in calm to achieve

Let others say what they like to say

As long as the bridge is not broken into pieces

June 9,  2022. Copyright


My Passion


This world which seems so fair

Looks like sun in the morning

To chase its lighting with no end

My passion never comes to final


I know it is once enough for twice

As long as the lighting comes

Everybody likes it

To make my heart be in happiness

June  5,  2022.Copyright




SIAMIR MARULAFAU is Assoc. Prof born in Nias. He was graduated from English and Literature Department, Faculty of Cultural Study, University of North Sumatra, Medan-Indonesia. He is now still teaching English and Literature, and writing poems and short stories. His works were mostly published in social media "HUMANITY"(2015);"LIGHTING” (2016), and some other works or poems   in Indonesian language and English. He has written  9 poems anthologies. He was a poet and  conducted a scientific paper and research in Terengganu, Malaysia,2017, Pahang,2017,USM Penang,2017,Singapore,2018, UPM,Malaysia,2018 and UNY, Yokyakarta,2018,  and University of Gajamada (UGM),2020.


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