Friday, July 1, 2022



If The Earth Was So Beautiful


Not everything we see every day

People have become very strange about this.

That they may see the holiness of their day

And they look for problems in others.


I know the world just needs the best.

And that every day is special for us.

The meaning of happiness is in the little things.

That love does not have its own grammar


Let love be born of every dream.

The earth is mine that gives everything.

And we need to keep this faithful

Which was created just for us


Let love shine with all its glory now.

Eternity is great for the planet to manifest

We need to understand that we need everything.

That we have our limits and behaviour


Let people understand, and even myself on

Yes, nature is my only sanctuary.

Without her, I would be a dead man.

I know there is a time for everything.


Everything will be fine one day.

Only hopes will be special

Because the planet needs to be guarded carefully

Time is on my side.


The truth is that the country is great.

I should keep and not throw garbage

Because the global climate is very strange

And I'm just looking for a solution for everyone!


It's Beautiful In Aladin's Garden


I still watch cartoons

the feeling is never better for me

I live that day as if it were my last

because I was born here to be all that I am

and my place is still illuminated in the heart

even when every winter makes some interruption


so all the places of this pig disappear

old mythology is never repeated

where I look at my friend Aladdin

how he remembers those parts of the dark streets

because I see myself in him as a ds

because he's really a good boy


which I have not experienced since the turbulent streets

that I didn’t watch myself one percent

how it is possible that everyone denies me from life

just because I am a different person from everyone

and as if out of the fog Harry Potter appears


ready to destroy me in every sense

I am only a man of flesh and blood

so love alone can do all sorts of things to us

because my life is suitable for the happier ones

who love cartoons like I love


laughter and jokes are still present in me

for it is impossible ds to be a man of easy morals

when we say that I fight for love every day

the one who became alienated over time

but I will save her no matter what people say

because I am a hero who does not like the villains around me


and no way to understand that the shave doesn’t go back

that everything I did until yesterday was imagination

and that one needs to live only one fine day

and in that name I should look forward to new developments around me

and that reason is realized after so many years of escape

of gloomy and unreal truth


traceability is love that is revived

a kiss can all ds solve those pale memories

and the cartoon will return to the screens again

you just have to wait for a new and modern age

because of course I know only one thing in life

and that is that mythologists live forever

although they may not be conquered anymore in every sense

because time never goes back again!

Exploitation In Vienna Through Walking


In that magical city of Vienna

Where music and Mozart played

I was there during the excursion.

My bap journey starts from here.


Aware that Vienna was cold then

September, as if everything was gone

People in jackets grandfather and smoke weed

Some good brands with the liveliness of passers-by


Some found themselves laughing with me.

Because of that experience in Vienna

I realized that no matter what

Music and essence move the whole world


A tour of Vienna, Schoburn Castle

It is my refuge to look at various pictures

Sculptures and that great garden of my life

Who gave me all the beauties of the world?


Although Mozart's ball is six euros

I didn't complain because I liked her.


That taste of chocolate that was in them

He got drunk on his way to the first cafe

Where a good Coke was offered

And good women around my desk


And I was aware that ethnography

It is a phenomenon of life that I have felt

For seven days in a great city

Where we talked to passers-by about life


And everyone said they love tourists.

And I walked around the city like a stranger.

All the way to Deichmann and the nearby square

Where freedom honourably defended Germany


Cold Vienna, but the emotions are still pure

My heart is big and bright when

From a distance on the largest lookout

I look at all that city in a gloomy gloom.


I watch and think of only one thing.

Does Vienna have poetry composers?

Because the greatest personalities were born there

There in the same place, where my heart beats hard


Vienna is my ticket to eternity.

Where the people of gold in the square stand frozen

They are a joy to my dreamy eyes

Because one youth was lived right there!




MAID CORBIC from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is 22 years and in his spare time he writes poetry that repeatedly praised as well as rewarded. He also selflessly helps others around him, and he is moderator of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for humanity and peace in the world in Bhutan.

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