Friday, July 1, 2022



Peace Peace


In the despair of the world

waiting for the better

Tomorrow is a must

bridge of life

fearlessly pass

But always let

An obstacle lurks

It brings new life

without crying

Hand in hand.

Peace peace to reign

Yes, the child's cry

turns into a smile.

A soldier about love to dream,

place rifle yes yes

A bouquet of flowers.

Protest against the war.

Politicians all to be

Pacifists and peace will come

And there will be no war.

Peace, peace, peace!

Peace of light.

A life of harmony

happy country.

Infinite peace, true peace.

Peace to dawn rises

and they do not die at night.



If You Tell I Love You


You will forever be mine with

soul and heart,

If you tell me yes

and if I don't mind losing

the reason.

It will be the beginning

of a dream life and reality

Full of love and happiness.


I give my body my soul,

Bless the love you denied me

one day.

Tell me yes,

I'll give you my world,

the sun and the stars.

Everything that surrounds me,

we can be happy for life.


I give you my feelings,

"Yes" to us

even from this great poetry

of love.

If you say that You love me

our love will be eternal,

I will love you.




And they are the most beautiful


and nice things

like a smile

as a birch.


as tenderness and

like the noise of pines

as a hug and

like the Wave Song


as holding hands and

like wandering the mountain

as a common awakening

and as the sunrise


as a chance encounter

like a snowball

as heat and

fire from the hearth.


like a snowball

as heat and

fire from the hearth.



MUBERA ŠABANOVIĆ was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she finished elementary school and high school. Studied scenography. She served as secretary in Sarajevo. In 1994 she settled in the Kingdom of Sweden and then she was the Founder of the International Association of Writers, Poets and Fine Artists Malmö-Sweden (2019) and the initiator of the event in meetings and promotions in the city of Malmö Sweden. She is the author of four independent collections of poetry. Love Touched the Sky (2015), Rainbow Verses (2019). Touches of the Soul (2020), Fourth Timeless Love (2021). And the fifth is being prepared. She is engaged in painting. She has her own magazine in the touch of the soul. She is involved in 80 joint Znorniks across the region. She lives and work in Sweden.

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