Friday, July 1, 2022



The Mirror Of Your Soul


Every night when I am looking at the stars,

I see your beautiful eyes, my love.

Every time I am observing the sky,

I see your angelic face, my beauty.

My heart beats quickly

and a great passion captures my mind.

My first thought is always you,

everywhere during all day and night.

The kindness and the politeness of your character

is the mirror of your pure, sensitive soul.

Each time I am calling you “Love”,

I am flying in the sky like a small child.

Please, my precious love,

don’t change at all,

remain as kind as you are,

like a real angel in the moonlight sky!



The Elements Of Life


Planet Earth is the place, where I live.

She is my beloved shelter.

I must carefully protect her,

just because she provides me precious gifts for my life.

When I am thirsty, Mother Earth gives me clean water to drink.

She also gives me fresh air to breathe, otherwise I would be dead.

Each time I am feeling cold, she lights a fire in order to keep me warm.

 When I want to fly like a bird to reach God,

she creates for me a blue endless sky.

Earth, water, fire, air, and sky are my whole life!





What kind of life we live?

But wrong, we do not live! We just survive!

We survive by tightening the belt more every day,

making bloody economy and exhausting cuts,

not only material goods but unfortunately also emotions.

Good news you do not hear any!

Society rejoices at a wound

and you are constantly running!

Catch what?

The departing train?

But, my man, you do not live, you just survive!

So, it’s time to broadcast SOS!

To scream, to scream, to protest,

in order to demand a radical change

 and get out of the impasse quickly!

One voice is never enough!

Let many join our cries!



Written And Translated In English By Vasiliki Karatasiou,




VASILIKI KARATASIOU is a professor of Greek literature. She lives in Greece in the town of Larisa. She is also the general secretary of E. LO. SY. L. She has published many books of poetry, three of them are translated in French. She has been awarded with a gold and a silver medal by the International Academy of Letters and Arts of Lutece. She has also won several prizes in many other competitions of poetry in her country.


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