Saturday, July 1, 2023



Heads Or Tails


It dawned; I saw it... Sunrise...

I wiped my eyes with the faint light of my moon

I raised my Sun and stood up

My feet bare

My hands wing high to lift me up

And from my ashes I shape dreams

I’m thirst for life

But I'm terribly afraid.

I walk on a tightrope.

Is it a burning risk or a safe harbor?

So I played Heads or Tails.

©Evita Constantinou

(Poetry Anthology , Kite Ascension , 2021, p.21)




I count the silences and they are all present

In my stormy cloud they danced a crazy dance

I'm waiting for their drunkenness

So that tomorrow will be bright.

©Evita Constantinou

(Poetry Anthology , Kite Ascension , 2021, p.26)


Silence Mode


You prefer me speechless

Be silent, you ask me

You change the conversation

You ignore my desires

And use other words elsewhere.


If I add up the silences

If they speak up and frighten με

They will come out into the yards

Beware, they will snatch me away.

I will stop talking, feeling, and lamenting...

©Evita Constantinou

(Poetry Anthology , Kite Ascension , 2021, p.40)





EVITA CONSTANTINOU was born and raised in Limassol, where she currently lives with her husband and their three children. She studied at the Department of Primary Education of the University of Ioannina and has been working as a teacher in primary schools for twenty years. She began writing poetry from a young age, composing both free verse and traditional rhyming poems about everyday life and social issues. Her particular interest lies in Cypriot poetry and local dialect. Nine of her poems have been set to music by composer Ioannis Chatzis, each capturing a different musical style and encompassing a wide range of musical sounds. 6 of the songs are included on the musical album "Like a Kite," which accompanies her first poetry collection, "Kite's Ascension," which was self-published. Both her poetry collection and her children's fairy tale have been approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and are included in the school curriculum. As a concerned spirit, she constantly develops and evolves by following various circles of writing workshops, poetry and children's literature. She actively participates in various social, philanthropic, and cultural activities throughout Cyprus. Her works are also published in various online literary magazines or blogs and announcements of her poems in radio broadcasts. She is registered in the Union of Cypriot Writers - ELK, the Cyprus Children and Youth Book Association (CYBBY), and the Limassol Writers Society - Vasilis Michailidis. Since 2021, she belongs to the writing force of the publishing house Chronos Editions.


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