Wednesday, May 1, 2024



The Stone Bridge


that evening we crossed the Vardar river

I was talking to the thousands of statues in Skopje

I had become drunk with their ancient language

they say they sleep near the heart of the city



I was an uninhibited scholar

who made clothes from their own books

and he did not know the triumphant thirst of the streets

I watched from the bridge the flat unrest

hot air military costume parade

what entered my lungs crippled


I crossed over the stone bridge

like a soldier with wooden legs

and I lived for a second in the body of a statue

it was snowing red




I knew you like you know maple and maybe

sky line

yet I was thirsty and searching

to squeeze the last lemon

in the bridge of the palm


endless flowers clung to the porthole of life

as if I had rolled

my last nerves

in cheap tobacco


back then we were smoking illusions

I draw you with red nails

directly on the stand

musical notes flowed

and I was crushing them with the tip of my shoe


you were aphonic and depressed in color

I had only seen the sunrise at Struga

my passion to devour skeletal words

and here I a m a poet 7 times

in the country with artists per square millimeter


Ebonite Stars


I have memories of our lives together.

then I was waiting at the passage.

I dreamed of cars and colorful neon signs.

I didn't feel the teeth of the cold.

no matter how much thistles shake

ebonite stars will scatter

over the summer air.



you take a selfie with the moon.

you are born for triple wins.

history is not written. you have wounds in your palms

and fire circles in shoes.

in the center of the city, pigeons are humming

nurtured by young people.


how many times they didn't spin

galaxies of loneliness

in the heart of man-city?




ANGI CRISTEA MELANIA: Born in the city of Craiova, the poetess Angi Cristea Melania teaches Romanian language and literature at the "Marin Sorescu" School of Arts. She has published several volumes of poetry: (Diz) harmony, More / Less feelings, The stones of the sun. of Pokemon, 777 of appeals, Flori de iris / Giaggiol,Poems on DN1, Ventriloquist City. She has obtained numerous awards both nationally and internationally. European Poetry Award stand obtained in 2017 at the "Europoezia" International Festival (Braila) "Alfredo Pirrole" Award awarded to Trriugio, Italy at the Trriugio International Festival (2018), received Grand Prix at the Corona Internazionale Award festival (2018). She is a member of the Romanian Writers' Union. She has published in numerous prestigious literary magazines and is appreciated by writers and literary critics in Romania and Italy. She received a diploma from the Romanian Embassy in Milan for special cultural merits in promoting Romanian culture in Italy and Romanian culture in Romania


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