Wednesday, May 1, 2024




The Dance Of Tomorrow


Somewhere beyond today

Tomorrow slowly dances

In circles with destiny

Hope likes to waltz

To new music composed

That today has not heard

Only tomorrow’s tune knows!


Tomorrow’s painted symphonies

Could be in words of harmony

That make me believe

In the supreme dance of destiny

In tomorrow’s arms it waits

As it spins like a top of fate

Pulling us into circles it creates!

© Carol Mitra


Her Metamorphosis


I have always been her

She has always been me

Yet lately, she's been growing up

And does not find me funny

For now, she has learnt

To nurture a little bunny!


I have always been her

She has always been me

Yet lately, her horizon has widened

I would open my eyes

And stare at the sun

Now she blushes and hides

Behind a full moon!


I have always been her

She has always been me

Yet lately she has been transforming

From a little caterpillar

Into a beautiful butterfly

Fluttering her wings

And learning to fly!

© Carol Mitra


Invisibly Armed


She had changed

Invisible in her change

Her emotions locked inside

She held both sadness and love

Hair open flying in the wind

Tears held by dark clouds

The sun held her smile

Her strength an invisible force

In her eyes lay an abyss

Where she drowned her fears

In waves her thoughts arrived

Forbidden now to enter her heart

Her aloof vibe bouncing off love

Her feelings she learnt how to hold

A question mark she learned

how to unhook

Invisibly armed now

a look she never mistook!

© Carol Mitra




CAROL MITRA enjoys writing all genres of poetry. She has published two of her own poetry books. Some of her poems have found homes in all three of 'Poetry Soup's' anthologies! She has been published and has written poems on hope for 'Esperanza' She currently resides in Delhi with her husband and is a full time writer.

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