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Tears Of Pain


My heart aches, my soul cries

For a friend who is no longer by my side

She was a kind and caring soul

Always there to make others whole


She dedicated her life to serving others

With love and kindness, she was like a mother

Her passion for humanity knew no bounds

In her presence, peace and love abound


But now she's gone, taken by a sudden homicide

Leaving behind a world that's now colder

The one who spread love has now met hate

Leaving us all in a state of fate


Tears of pain and anger fill my eyes

For a life so selfless, now unjustly dies

Her loss is felt by all who knew her

A friend, a mentor, a humanitarian hero


The world may have taken her away

But her legacy will forever live

In the hearts of those she touched

Her memory will never be brushed


Her kindness, her compassion, and her smile

Will continue to live on, mile after mile

A light extinguished too quickly

Leaving our hearts in constant gloom


I'll miss her laughter, her warm embrace

Her words of wisdom and her grace

But I'll hold on to the memories we shared

And know that she'll always be there


Though she may not be by my side

Her spirit and love will always reside

In the depths of my heart, she'll always be

My friend, my sister, my humanitarian,


Thirsty Mother


Thirsty Mother, yearning for a toddler,

Her heart aches, her tears run wild.

She dreams of tiny feet and sweet laughter,

But sadly, her hands remain empty, incomplete.


She prays to the heavens, with all her might,

For a toddler to hold tight.

But fate has not been kind, her womb remains barren,

Her dreams of motherhood always unfulfilled, untold.


She weeps in silence, in the dark of night,

Her longing for a baby, an endless fight.

She sees other mothers, with their precious ones,

And wonders what she did wrong, what she has not done.


She feels the pain, deep in her soul,

As the years pass by, her heart takes a toll.

She longs to feel a life growing inside,

But her body betrays her, and her desire slowly dies.


She tries to be strong, to put on a brave face,

But inside she's crumbling, in this infinite race.

She longs to hold a child, to hear it cry,

But it feels like a distant dream, a distant sky.


Thirsty Mother, with a heart full of love,

But never given the chance, to hold her own dove.

She weeps day and night, in solitude,

For the child she never had, for the motherhood she never knew.


But even in her pain, she finds a way,

To spread her love, every single day.

She may not have a child, to call her very own,

But in her heart, a mother she has grown.


Thirsty Mother, though her arms may be empty,

Her love knows no bounds, it is pure and plenty.

She may have never been able to give birth,

But in her heart, she's a mother, for all it's worth.


National Hero


The feeling of losing a leader

A compassionate young man.

My heart wrenches, my soul shattered,

As I watch our country's pride disintegrate.


I can't find the words to express,

The pain that cuts me deep.

I am alive, but inside I died,

A true humanitarian, we no longer keep.


Your bravery and dedication,

For our beloved country, we will never forget.

The last conversation we had,

A treasure, one I will forever hold as a bet.


I wanted to bid you goodbye,

As you took your final rest.

But being a Girl, I was denied,

Only boys could attend, I was left bereft.


If only I could change my gender,

To be able to say my final goodbye.

But my tears speak the words,

My heart is too heavy, I can't even try.


You may not be a blood relative,

But you were always a brother to me.

Losing you, our country's heart aches,

Your death, a great national tragedy.


I wish we had worked together,

To bring peace and make a change.

But destiny had a different plan,

And your life was cut short, a cruel exchange.


My soul weeps for you,

As I lay flowers on your grave.

Respect and peace, I offer,

For the brave soul, we couldn't save.


Your smile and strength,

Will forever be etched in our hearts.

No one can ever forget,

The impression you left, in every part.


I have so much to say to you,

But now, you're not here.

How can I speak to you,

When your absence fills me with fear?


My heart feels empty,

My body numb with grief.

Your murder, a painful truth,

An act that defies all belief.


Why do people kill,

A national hero, so kind?

Why do humanitarian ideals,

Get buried with a heinous mind?


I wish we could talk about peace,

And praise you for all you have done.

But now, all I can do,

Is watch the setting of the sun.


Your sudden death,

Has left us all in dismay.

Every drop of blood you shed,

On my soul, it stains, a deep crimson array.


I don't want to live in a world,

Where such tragedies take place.

But I know, you would want me to fight,

For a better tomorrow, with grace.


I may not have the right words,

To write about you, my dear friend.

But as a writer, I promise,

Your legacy, I will continue to defend.


I don't know what lies ahead,

But I won't give up, I'll try.

To fulfill your mission,

And empower the youth, to thrive.


Oh my leader, Rehan,

Please guide me from above.

As I continue to share your vision,

And fill the world with love.


The world may have lost you,

But your legacy will forever live on.

In our hearts, in our actions,

As we strive to make the world a better one.




ANILA BUKHARI: With passion and determination, Anila Bukhari shines as a guiding light in Pakistan, fighting for the rights of children, empowering women, and promoting peace. She has left an unforgettable imprint in the literary world, with six books and five international anthologies published, her poetry transcending borders and captivating readers in 16 different languages across 50 countries. Anila's journey as a writer started at a young age of 16 and she has since then used her gift to educate over 1000 orphaned children through online platforms. Her words not only shed light on the issues faced by humanity but also offer solutions, spreading hope and positivity to all who read them. Through her project "Hopeful Hugs," Anila has brought joy to the lives of over a thousand homeless individuals, offering them comfort and love through simple acts of kindness.

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