Sunday, July 1, 2018




Being arrested in her kindness
I often bow my head and ask,
is the princess descended from heaven
or mermaid came with waves .

Looking for the path, happy star
light, moon, fiery sunset,
kneeled I am, asking the generous spirit
show me the key of being golden-lady.

Warm smiles, challenges with modesty
lowered eyes as saying I'm yours,
I offer my hand fingers fondle
lips calling, kissing flows.

Confessing to time, quiet place
feelings wander at the oasis of pleasure,
being locked in the eternity of everlasting love
blow up the touches, in the body of ecstasy.

Often covered by pride
I am the lucky one, in this magical space,
abundance sails followed by grace
I do close doors, afraid of cosmic jealousy.


Dawn at Spring days,
winter thunderstorms ,
shower of rain, cold ,
nothing stops them ...
Table at the edge of Lumbardhi river,
quiet, sleepy waiters,
offer the drink, ecstasy satisfaction ...
Smiling boys of The Corner Club
always gentle, wishing warm welcome,
And ,
... one day ,
the day, when I won’t breathe any more,
morning coffee will wonder, asking,
where are ,they didn’t come yet?
Fountain will curiously wait ,
daily newspaper,
penultimate page ,
in memoriam without photo,
rest in peace our dear teacher ...
Our girlfriends Keji, Marash, Plane tree, at and The Corner club,
will ask,
what’s going on, where are they?
Teacher and his Wife
will observe-seeking hectic eye tears,
where are the symbols of the city?
On the sky, clouds got gathered ,
emit compassion drops,
while birds,
under the window of the room,
will expect,
hungry and wondering,
surprisingly chirping,
where is he, we are waiting,
requiring food at the known places ...
Silent flints of the sun will glimmer on the Castle ,
roads still being cleared,
will ask,
who will drink the early morning coffee ?
Expecting arrivals,
the silence is heard,
sunlight will bypass the known club table ...
I know, my Dear Wife,
eyes will weep, smoking will accompany,
emotions got kneeled,
groan more painful than the pain,
they will grieve you ...
But ,
stony roads would expect,
Lumbardhi river will long,
Fountain, insatiable love ,
Castle will look for the views,
The Historic League
Icon-city will never forget the couple,
of the blindly lovers,
tell to the city of the gentlemen,
satisfaction of the pearl ,
mistresses, queen, princess,
will never forget ...
Dear Bride, you hear the duty,
on the second floor of the Corner Club,
rather liked, and loved place,
please read this poem.
Remember me,
let the letters flow calmly down the River,
breeze convey written words,
down in the dark,
I will look forward eager and longing ...
Up on the wall Hemingway-photo and Steinway piano ,
guitar sounds, gathered poets ,
have been listening poetry in silence ...


You do not understand, DO YOU?
Man of the World,
And you, Madam of the Castle,
Standing on your fight!
..hear the cry of poor children,
are the strangers children, OR?
-power do not have, I am very weak-
I do not have strength, nor knowledge,
will has gone ,
poverty of my people,
I swallow hard!
They are in my being,
hungry, there they reign,
in my lungs they breathe,
have overtaken the air!
The dining table modestly filled,
many times, I do look it with disgust
then leave it, stand up hungry,
damned is this world, be hated!
Please, hear the weep,
pain in the soul groans,
we surrounded our dreams,
that we’ll have food on the table!
-Nothing happens, poverty has imprisoned us-

You do not feel sorry for kids?
Are crippled, half-educated,
bit of warmth, just for them!
nothing more, ask the neediest!
Top roof, half wet,
the rope waits,
the hungry gives up to the time of sin!


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