Sunday, July 1, 2018




she was looking right into the abyss of her success
as it quite well showed the labyrinth she was walking through
her fears and hopes
the boats she missed
fragments of the past
her little paradise
and finally the relativity of it all
like a black orchid in the late afternoon
like life.
we all die.


Darling, I will not lower the price
just because it’s me
seven mountains it will be
catch me one or two tears
from paradise
yellow tulips
ice cream
should you want me.


Don't talk about your lost heart
the amount of cholesterol in your blood
how you found out
they cheated on you and
it made you so much stronger
strengthened your identity into
a new
wonderful you
you deserve so much better
you deserve the best in fact
interesting workshops
profound partnerships
erotic adventure
unedited dreams
don't linger on and on about
your allergies
your futile tragedies
the fact
that you should think more
about yourself
that a lack of vegetables
appears to cause depression
laughing is good for your hair
the effects the meno pause
has on you
don't talk about that
my friend said

Talk about my war
hidden for the eye of the world
my loved ones are dying
life has a flat tyre
talk about that.


MARIAN EIKELHOF is a poet who works in her daily life as a psychologist leading her own consultancy firm, named Psychologisch Adviesbureau Ariadne. Her work inspires her to write about the emotional aspects of existence. Not only she describes feelings of love, intimacy and desire, but also she reflects in her poetry on sad, fragile experiences and she criticizes dehumanisation. Marian has recently published the second edition of her collection of Dutch poems titled “een nulurencontract met het leven” and a first edition of her English collection of poetry carrying the title “a zero-hour contract with life”. This impressive book has recently been translated into Turkish by Mesut Şenol and published by the Artshop World Literature Platform in Istanbul, directed by Vedat Akdamar. Marian is active furthermore active in defending human rights with a special emphasis on the empowerment of women internationally. To focus on the peace process with other poets she is continental director of Europe in the World Festival of Poetry and she has just started a foundation together with the Cuban writer Victor Hugo Perez Gallo, under the name “Foundation Literary International”. Marian is participating in the project “Salt Boundaries” organized, among others, by the Syrian poet Malak Soufi and poets of the WFP. The artistic project “Salt boundaries” strongly rejects the abhorrent situation of war refugees and has expressed this vital theme for humanity in poetry festivals that took subsequently place in Rome (Italy), Malaga (Spain) and will be highlighted again in Havana, Cuba. In the UNEAC (the union for writers and artists located in Havana, Cuba) the idea was born to defend humanity by seriously committing ourselves as artists to achieve a higher purpose by significantly helping the most vulnerable group of people on the world, namely the refugees, orphans and numerous victims of an inhumane war. 

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