Sunday, July 1, 2018




Lovers strolling in Central Park
drinking coffee, smiling
Subtle kisses bringing sunshine
in the early morning hours
of NYC shrouded in the mist.
Midtown Manhattan, Lower East Side
Greenwich Village, East Village
Ellis Island, Chelsea, Time Square
Upper East Side, Upper West Side
all of you, O’ New York City
are shrouded in the mist
on that fine morning hours day!
Fashionable ladies, attractive men
all rushing to their jobs
Everybody shrouded in the mist
as much as the magnificent NYC.
The veil of the mist
seems to be threaded
by symphonic diamonds of light
coming from the emerging Sun
enshrouding the whole city.
Central Park, Brooklyn Heights
Queens, Broadway, the Bronx
Staten Island, Kings, Richmond
Lower Manhattan, Hudson River
any place one looks
lovers strolling together
shrouded as if by the wedding veil.
Intensity of the morning
is the harbinger of the coming day
Urban jungle, mind-boggling
the universe of its own
diversities juxtaposed
in a smart, NYC way.
Manhattan unfurled, the magic pearl
the West Side and the East Side
Empire State Building, Chelsea Piers
Woolworth Building, Freedom Tower
Manhattan Bridge, Madison Square
Rockefeller Center, Waterside Plaza
all shrouded in the morning mist.
O’ New York City, my greatest lover
you, so subtle like a woman
so intense like a man
yet you are many millions of us
shrouded by the Stars and Stripes!
O’ New York City, you, the symphony
of all the vibrations of life
as nowhere else in the world
you, the spider’s web of love
bursting with life anew and anew.
O’ New York City, shrouded in the mist
O’ New York City, my heartland
from early twilight morning hours
to late night hours of short rest
you are the finest tune of my heart.
O’ New York, New York, New York City
you, the Star-Spangled Banner of America
O’ New York, New York, New York City
shrouded by Old Glory and New Glory
O’ New York, New York, New York City!


Raindrops falling on my head
my beautiful New York City
chiseled in my mind.
Raindrops falling on my head
every time I walk on your avenues
my symphonic New York City.
Raindrops falling on my head
from archangels’ ambrosia
for they love you, New York City
as I do!
New York, my New York City
you, shrouded in your glory
New York, my New York City!
How you shine, my dear NYC
as if you were a starship
across the Universe!
Labyrinthine in a delightful way
although to the point
I feel mazed at times
Yet it empowers me
with happiness.
Magnificent Times Square
the Crossroads of the World
dazzles me the most!
Smashing Broadway follows
and its Theater District
the shine of the world!
The Broadway classics
feeling like best chocolates
melting in my mouth.
The Phantom of the Opera
Jersey Boys, Wicked, Chicago,
Mamma Mia, Annie, Billy Elliot
alongside staggering number
of plays, musicals, symphonies.
New York, my New York City
you, shrouded in your glory
all the time.
On the mornings
when the Sun’s first twilight rays
bring waves of life afresh.
At rainy times
when you are
fogged in the mist.
At quiet nights
when you are shrouded
by the sky’s starry crown.
Always you are there, splendid
in your endless magics
Your glory far reaching
never ever ending, forever.
For you are chiseled in my mind
my beautiful New York City
Chiseled in stone
and greatness of your spirits
O! New York City
chiseled in my mind!
O! New York City
you that never sleep!
O! New York City
how I am stunned, flabbergasted!
For it is you, New York City
you, my spirits, my soul!
Wow, raindrops falling on my head
my beautiful New York City
chiseled in my mind.
Raindrops falling on my head
every time I walk on your avenues
my symphonic New York City.
Raindrops falling on my head
from archangels’ ambrosia
for they love you, New York City
as I do!
New York, my New York City
you, shrouded in your glory
New York, my New York City!


Tears rolling down my cheeks
emotions spattering me
with the power
of hard pouring rain.

No matter where, on Times Square
5th Avenue or Central Park
always with tears
rolling down my cheeks.

Staying in King Cole Bar
Angel’s Share one or the Flute
Gotham Bar, One Café
Le Bernardin, Daniel luminary
and… tears rolling down my cheeks.

Art venues, Carnegie Hall
Joyce Theater, Village Vanguard
Birdland, Highline Ballroom, the Iridium
Tears rolling down my cheeks!

Emotions rising high
when looking at the spires
of the Empire State Building
and One World Trade Center
piercing the NYC skies.

All those NYC scyscrapers!
Engulfed by the clouds!

Emotions, emotions, emotions!
Emotions on musical chords!

Nothing but tears of joy!
For I love New York, my New York City!

The tears of joy, absolutely!

For not a day, not a night
are passing
without joy
the constant of my life.

Do you hear? I do hear!

That divine choir
there in the clouds!

Accompanying New York City choir
the earthly choir in my life!

Both, divine choir
and New York City choir
just larger than life.

What a joy! Ambrosial one!
The symphony of the worlds!

Joy, joy, joy, NYC joy
with tears
rolling down my cheeks
out of joy!

Joy, joy, joy, NYC joy
while walking NYC avenues
with tears in my soul
out of joy!

New York, my New York City
just joy, joy, joy, forever joy!


New York City, my New York City
your skyscrapers
are musical notes alike
quite a symphony!
Your Freedom Tower
the highest note
octave perhaps, the eighth note
with remembrance
of the Twin Towers
Tributing freedoms!
Your Empire State Building
the note that unites all
old and young New Yorkers
past and future oriented
splendid of nostalgia
Central Park are the notes
of some different sort of pitches
notes we are used to
when listening
to Amadeus Mozart.
The birds are the finest songsters
in Central Park.
So many other skyscrapers
each and all of them
representing different notes
of the symphony they are
typical only
of New York City
that never sleep!
Music notations unfurled!
Double-sharp accidentals
with frequency
raised by two semitones
or double-flat accidentals
lowering the frequency
also by two semitones
So many other pitches
specific of New York City!
New York City skyscrapers
and New Yorkers themselves
the notes of music
New York City notes
the glamour that is a glow
alike strings of light
from Sun and the stars.
New York City, the music’s chords
Star and Stripes New York City
the musical notes
from the philharmonic piano
that New York City
and its people are.
New York City, music of its own
finest ever, a symphony
that shines in America
and in the world.
New York City, the ambrosia
of America and the world!
Be so, New York, my New York City
Be so, forevermore!


Mockingbirds, the songbirds
are flirting with skylarks
Hummingbirds cannot stand it!
Only I, maze whisperer
am finally irrevocably left
in a solitary shroud
For how long?
If only you knew
how much of my heart
you had filled with love!
If only you knew
I am now bleeding
All the meadows
of my heart flooded!
The meadows we spent
our best moments on
For we were magicians
whisperers of the finest touch.
Iron spider's gossamer
imprisoned my heart
Not even waterfall
can get out of it.
Now hummingbirds
with iridescent plumages
are flirting with skylarks
Mockingbirds are in rage!
I still am filled so much
with my memories
of that finest moments
you and I shared our time with.
Our falling-water house
was our true home
Underneath a waterfall
that nurtured us
in our amaranthine love.
What a symphony was it!
Symphony of the waterfall!
-Hear, people! Be amazed!
How the symphony
of this humming waterfall
plays us! Simply heavens!
-Our hearts called.
-Join us, people! Be awed!
For we are inseparable
nothing ever can split us!
Yet it did happen!
My heart ever since
became a labyrinth
Nothing could escape it
not even my feelings.
As if I were a castaway
in the middle of the Pacific
No sign of redemption at all!
Well, I am maze whisperer
and you perhaps too.
Nothing is though impossible
Unfurled storm sails
bring me back home.
Inevitably new stage of life
shall come to you and me
No longer maze runner
but a man of blood and bones
with purest love in my heart.
This time skylarks are flirting
both with hummingbirds
and mimicry mockingbirds
Strange is this world, indeed!


Why so much senseless destruction
women, the silent whisperers
men killing men?
Throughout ages!
Why injustice
swirling all over the world
with the power of powerful storms?
The medicine never applied!
Illuminate me, eagles
gift me with a comfort
heal my lost soul!
For I'm desperate
soaked in pain.
How else can it be
when men to men
are wolves
endless enmity?
How else can it be
when one dogma
struggles with another one
and diversity is rejected?
How else can it be
when hypocrisy
replaces righteousness
the same mistakes eternally?
How else can it be
when the future stands
under the question mark
freedoms replaced by dogma?
Heal my wounds, eagles
and resurrect me
to the light
of eternal optimism!
For I feel lost
and misunderstood
by the enemies
of western values.
Heal my wounds, eagles
never ever allow
that I surrender to them!
For freedoms are
what I love the most
Statue of Liberty my song!
Heal my wounds, eagles
defend me
when I need it most!
For the founders of America
and great thinkers of Europe
are dearest to my heart.
Heal my wounds, eagles
let me be part of the symphony
embodying freedoms
for all times.
Heal my wounds, eagles
for if that does not happen
I'll fail and I'll be doomed
to the annihilation
Swept with dust!
But others too!
For where there is
no freedom, no liberty
there is everything in ruins!
Boundless is the Universe
and as immense is
the thought of humanity
in need of unceasing care.
Heal my wounds, eagles
May my spirits fly
up to the roof of the sky
there where my place is!
I am a free human being
and no one, and nothing
can really stop me
I'm invincible!
Just listen to the sounds
spreading around with the rays
that are falling from the sky
and going upward
from Earth, God's footstool.
What a symphony it is!
One of divinity!
Uniting us!
Hear it, listen to it, feel it!
For deeply in our hearts
we are feeling the roots
to this astounding planet
that should belong to us all.
This planet, our home
with riverside willows
majestic windmills
birds singing us.
What we further need
is to sow seeds of freedom
in every single home
every village, every town
all over the world.
For freedoms are the key
to wellbeing of us all!
Our destiny!
Freedoms, the mystic shroud!
Freedoms, our only chance!
Heal my wounds, eagles
let me feel better
gift me with elixir of solace.
My eagles! Our eagles! O’ eagles!
Heal all the wounds, eagles
Let Heaven and Earth be ours
truly ours, with shine of liberty
forever and ever!


Life is like playing cards
you never know
what next will happen in your life.
Playing cards, the highlight
of the social life
for centuries.
Here Hearts, here Bells,
here Acorns, here Leaves
or Hearts, Diamonds
Clubs and Spades.
Then the cream of it all
in mostly 52-card deck
Kings, Queens, Jacks, Aces
and various numbers, all four times
Finally the Jokers, to add to fun.
Time to play
as in life itself!
The question is whether life
is as accidental
as playing the cards?
Or is life rather orderly
by our destiny
God's hand in it?
Well, when I see you, Anne
I am forgetting
about the cards
You are my lady!
Your expressive eyes
your silky, perfumed hair
your slender, youthful body
and your spirit, full of energy
are a starry symphony
O! My lady, on the strings of stars!
And when I hear
your tender words
and that one word
for which every man
is willing to fully give himself in
the word 'I love you'
I am mesmerized
fully giving myself in
to you, my beauteous symphony.
That symphonic concert you are, my lady
resonates to the ends of the world!
Love is indeed our symphony
all the sounds, all the melodies
so enchanting
that one would desire
to listen to them forever!
But life is given once
at least on this terrestrial paddle
Life that is
like the playing cards.
Life, that is a maze whisperer
holding us
in the paths and crossroads
that are yet
another labyrinthine maze
Endless search!
For now, the Sun
shines outside the window
and summer is in full splendor
Come, Anne, let's walk
along the Manhattan’s shoreline
Let's have a look
at the Statue of Liberty!
For now, may the summer
effervescently play
to the dance
of our two souls
For our love
is boundless
no matter whether life
is like playing cards
or guided by divine power.
Play us, summer symphony!
Sing us, summer symphony!
Resonate us, summer symphony!


THADDEUS HUTYRA: (known also as Tadeusz Hutyra) was born in Poland where he attended schools and begun to study at the prestigious Jagiellonian University of Cracow but shortly afterwards, before the emergency state announced by the communist regime on 13th of December 1981 he left Poland in search of a better life abroad. Primarily he intended to emigrate to the United States of America, the goal he was never fortunate to fulfill. Instead he found himself in New Zealand where he lived 5 years and afterwards he had a brief period of travelling across some Asian and European countries, he lived for a while in China and Hong Kong before finally settling down in Belgium. He considers himself a citizen of the world but a dream still remains to visit the USA and also enjoy travelling to a few other countries, especially India and Nepal. His mother language is Polish, but mostly he uses English and Dutch in every day life, he knows also Russian language. He has already published some books on Amazon, mostly poems written in English, amongst others “New York, My New York City” and “Divine Choir” In addition to it he is active on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter. He is admin of a number of poetry groups in Facebook. He also published a number of books in Polish, amongst others “Boski Chor”, already working with the 7-th volume, all of the books containg 500 pages each.

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