Sunday, July 1, 2018



Sailing on my boat alone today,
I am moving on a strange pathway ,
Surrounded by a deep vast ocean,
Ah! None is there, I am all alone!

Yes, To find out so many answers,
To reach that moon and those twinkling stars,
To know the secret of ocean deep,
O' Beyond this world I want to peep!

I know that my journey is stormy,
I am sailing amidst night lonely,
Yet, I have no fear and no worry,
I will achieve successful glory!

And none can stop my voyage today,
O’ see I will find my own pathway,
Ah! Touching those waving ebbing tides,
I wish to cheer ironical stride!

O’ my boat, don't stop, keep on sailing,
With an adventure keep on moving,
Yes, We will reach our destination,
We will succeed in our great mission!
copyright@  DR.SONIA 10.6.18.

Listen O' my sweetheart,
Why are you sitting apart,
Come to me and sit so near
O' why to hesitate my dear?

O' give me your hands in mine,
I am sun, You are my sunshine,
Aha! we are made for each other,
O' Why to hesitate my dear ?

O' tell me about all your dreams,
Why your heart always screams?
Give me all your pains and tears,
O' Why to hesitate my dear ?

Wearing the wings of love fly high,
Touch that moon and stars in sky,
Throw away all worries and fear,
O' Why to hesitate my dear ?

Why still you have doubt on me?
Why can't you feel proud on me?
You and me are now 'WE' forever,
O' Why to hesitate my dear?


Dr. SONIA GUPTA, from Dera Bassi, near Chandigarh in India is a dentist by profession. She is a well known name in Hindi and English literature with her solo four English and Two Hindi poetry books published. Her poems are a part of various anthologies, magazines & newspapers. She has been awarded with various awards in poetry competitions organized by various literary groups. Recently she has won a gold and silver medal in a poetic world cup organized by Nigeria in 2018. She is also fond of paintings, singing, cooking, designing, knitting and teaching.

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