Sunday, July 1, 2018



You live in me,
in every lyric that springs from my soul
In every feeling
in every perception of the world
In every thought that I formulate
You live in my cellule and in the air,
You are inside me
And everything that comes in comes from you
Every image that comes through my eyes becomes yours
Each feeling makes me remember you
Each image makes me see you
Everything makes me feel somehow
You live in me and now ...
Every feeling I feel
as if you felt it ...


I love you
always, infinite, in permanent constancy.
I love you all ...
All the sea, all the earth, all the moon ...
With every inch of my skin and my heart,
I love you
If there is time, All the time ..
In distance, all my skin that covers my being,
That covers the thinking, the feel ,the imagination ..
I love you with my steps, with my hands, with my eyes
I love you in your absence, and in your presence I love you more ..
I love you with all my letters


The letters dried up
And I stop flowing the river of your poems
And a desert of uneasiness inhabits me
A vulture devours a corpse
In a desert plain that nothing waits
My feet were left without steps
Submerged in the sand of time
The wind of feeling does not blow
The heat of the horizon disintegrates
Letter to letter you fall apart
Spines are born in the wilderness
And in a sudden water gushes
A born oasis of hope
Where the beautiful flower will live
With the snake that still awaits you


JOSEP JUAREZ: Mexican poet and storyteller, born in Michoacán, Mexico. His poems have been translated into several languages, English, Chinese, Serbian, Italian, Arabic and German. They have been published in several magazines in Spain Iraq, Albania, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. He has participated in different anthologies around the world in countries such as Italy, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Chile and India

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