Sunday, July 1, 2018




Life is full of competitions
So in all your actions
Always think contribution
Apply your dormant education
It's full of divine revelations
With abundant illumination
To avoid life's frustration
And enjoy total transformation.

Take responsibility
Don't become a liability
But apply your ability
Never limit your capability
Opportunity's always with responsibility
Be productive to avoid calamity.

The world need contributors
Many are mere spectators
Never be a perpetrator
Neither a traitor
But join the liberators
To become peace generator.


My sweetheart
How time flies
My dear wife
It's twenty-five years
Twenty-five Calendars
When you said "I DO"
And we boarded together
On the journey of life
Just you and me
It was a risk
or may be an adventure
The sun had just appeared for us
exposing to us the hidden treasures of life
in our love boat
Like layers of onion
We moved on in union
on the island of love
Just like a dream
It's now our silver jubilee
Your beauty intoxicate me daily
Like the wine served at the marriage
at the Cana of Galilee
I thanked my star daily
For you're my correct bone
It's time to pop champagne
And to unending love
On life 's journey
Till we march to eternity.


OLADELE BABAJAMU is a retired Colonel from the Nigerian Army. He was the former Chairman of  the Kwara State, Association of Nigeria Authors for two consecutive terms 2014-2017.He authored,  'Destined for Marriage' and 'The Widows Wail 'amongst  his prose works. He's poetry book 'Timeless Verses' is read in many secondary  schools in Nigeria. His poems have appeared in various anthologies, Timeless Voices, Timeless Treasures and Five Hundred Nigerian Poets among others. He is the current Publicity Relations Officer (North ) of the national body of Association of Nigerian Authors.

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