Sunday, July 1, 2018




Prediction of the monsoon rain,
Cool breeze smoothly touches my tegument,
Shivers in my nape and bumps in my connective tissue,
Sweet is its music to douse me through its moves,
The wind gently caresses my hair, cheeks and spine,
Reminds me of your invisible presence,
The weather of addiction,
The ambiance informing the invisible existence,and,
With all the extra-ordinary details of my beloved,
Through its exhilaration and thunderous vibration.


The stars are playing hide and seek,
Clouds hiding the moon among its ribs,
Cool breeze gently touching and reminding me,
Of your absence and so the silent sky tweets,
Patiently wait till the dawn creeps.

Two dark days,
Impatient I am ,
Counting the waves,
In the sand I imprint your name,
Instructing the sea ,not to touch it with its ebb.

Night sea is turbulent,
Waves rising high,
Marching forward with high speed,
Very eager to cross the boundaries,
The beloved Earth is watching the velocity.


The soft pulse bleeds,
The sigh bleeps,
The vacuum inside the cells hurt,
A tingling bell still sings,
The symphony of probable rainfall.

The drizzle wet the earth,
Dry meadow is elated to hear,
The music of the rain
Gripping and fascinating like the former period,
Yet the calender changed the year.

Days passed followed by months,
The waiting intensify
With the vibrant colour,
The melancholy song brightens with the hope,
One day cuckoo will return.

The waterfall in the terrain,
Looks soothing,
Difficult and dangerous to reach the point of origin,
The flow is gushing,
Lovers enjoying the charm, without thinking.


LOPAMUDRA MISHRA, native puri, now residing in Bhubaneswar Orissa, She completed her graduation {English Hons} from Sailabala Women’s college Cuttack,And post –graduation    { English} from Ravenshaw University Cuttack. Her fascination for  writing came from her grandfather  and father from an early age. Writing  for her is the powerful medium of expression. Her  poems  have been  published in many magazines and anthologies . Her first book “Rhyme Of Rain” was published  in march 2017 , second book “First Rain” in august 2017 and her third book- Tingling Parables in May 2018.


  1. Infinitive pranam to noble laureate in English literature top of the list and being ventilated the internal thoughts explained in beautiful stenza beyond imagination. Have a nice day to see you round the clock, thanks a lot, Suprabhat,Namaskar, best of luck .....

  2. Gone through some of the poems you penned, makes completely immersed in the flow of lines.. Either a wonder land... Or a meadow in paradise... makes walk through the droplets of soothing rain... Great work ... Wish you all the very best ..

  3. Great...All poems are pleasant to read


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