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Kiss is a rare expression of love one gives to another one;
Thereafter exchange of kiss becomes usual courtesy in life;
Embrace and kiss between soul mates continue as handshakes
Between friends wherever and whenever they meet before talks!

Natural kiss exchanged between dearest ones brings closer
Two souls of same heart and mind on many matters forever and
such personalities are two bodies with one soul seen in pair
Whether life is hell or heaven as they are made for each-other!

Even if world is going to meet with destruction by nuclear war or
Natural disaster, they don't have any fear as they are together
To bear bitter sweet life with painful pleasure sans any denial as
They are two in one soul both for joy and bliss, grief and agony!

With passionate kiss intimate souls are ever sure to forget whole
World unmindful of both joy and sorrow against hurdles or odds!


Gestures of dance speak ideas to the people forever...;
Song and music help dance to say ideas perfect and clear;
Correct expression of ideas by gestures is an art sure;
Achieving perfection in dance art needs maturity of mind!

Dance is good physical exercise, art and a medium to go
High spiritually to a state of divine quite unique sure;
Communion of heart, mind and soul with the all pervadiing
Spirit or Universal spiritual energy gives highest bliss!

Like a mystical poet enjoys bliss in communion with Nature,
It is possible for a classical dancer to achieve a state
Of dizzy rapture by spiritually involving oneself with the
Concentration of mind in one form of all pervading energy!

All arts like dance leads one to sublime or blissful state
By spiritual involvement in art as mystic does in Nature..!


More than song and dance, music absorbs heart, mind and soul;
Music gives impetus to singer to render better one's voice as
If voice dancing according to the tune of music emtertaining
All audience from children to elders to join the dance as one!

From the start to the end, music electrifies all by the rise
And fall of rhythm and inspires the mood the music produces;
Even after a longtime the sound of music heard never leaves
Out of memory and brings the same kind of inspiring mood again!

This is the power of music transcending all languages of world
Whether the instruments are guitar, fiddle, trumpet, drums and
Piano or simply the so called jazz having all in one together
Or simply flute, sitar, bongos and violin with harmonium box!

What a wonderful creation music is with instruments of all items
From East to West or North to South all over the world for sure!


When faith itself is bugged down in quagmire and all
Hopes in religion and politics go away, man in despair
Philosophically thinks over the cause, reason and truth
To find a solution to free oneself to live natural life!

Meditation relieves one of tension and frees one's sense,
Mind, heart and spirit as if a door is opened in space
And brightness is everywhere seen where once darkness was
Making one feel a great relief and freedom in enlightenment!

Solution for problems by such exploration dawns in mind that
Frees heart's heaviness and relives spirit to feel light and
To live a natural life and go on a new path quite wise and
Bold with the light of wisdom is enlightened one achieves so!

Enlightenment is a state of attainment of wisdom to live a
Natural life with freedom and love to enjoy bliss to soar high
In sublimity towards reaching total liberation from all bonds
In a sense of divinity all dream to achieve finally in life!


Dreams, imaginations and visions are common for all ever;
Dreams wild, creative and practical are frequent ones sure;
Imagination builds castle in the air to get pleasure one needs;
But vision on knowledge helps to have ambition to realize dreams!

What was impossible is possible and what is impossible will be
Possible by getting ideas from Nature, experience and knowledge
Needed to fulfil dreams of one in the world full of opportunities
Waiting for the ardent one to harness them best to win prize..!

All great dreamers have achieved them by ideas after intellectual
Explorations and experiments by trial and error methods for long;
Not only scientists but also litterateurs' dreams have been realized
By scientific inventions later and are still being invented ever...!

Whatever be the difficulties and impossibilities today, may still be
Made possible later, if dreams are not stopped just as castles in air!


Kiss is to show love in action by one to another one ever;
Kissing by embracing the beloved is an act of intimate love;
By this kind of love, one enjoys heavenly pleasure on Earth;
That makes one forget all problems and powerful to solve all!

Love is a greatest boon man has in this world to do anything;
Love in action brings joy to the beloved against all odds and
One is endowed with confidence, courage and perseverance to
Deal with all sorts of miseries, pangs and problems damn sure!

Even in loneliness, the thoughts of love enjoyed gives great
Relief and rejuvenates one's spirit, enthuses heart and clears
All thoughts of mind to do better things to change worst scene
To best scene in one's life thwarting all pitfalls to progress!

Love is indeed a heavenly boon no one can avoid or live sans it,
If one has to do best and beautiful things to benefit all ever!


Visualization gives whole picture or outline of anything
Needed for one to plan what one has to do to achieve the
Objective of love, dream and desire very vital for one!

Visualization followed by relevant thoughts gives ideas
To implement so as to execute plan or express matters in
Poetry to create a masterpiece to fulfil one's dream...!

Knowledge, desire, observation, experience and imagination
Combine together suitably according to one's need to have
Ideas to implement in action or in poetry by genius or skill!

Inventive activity in one's profession or creativity by skill
To produce poetry every ingenious person achieves all, if the
Process of visualization is perfectly formed in the mind first!

In short, the best of one's whole self when involved well in
One's activity, what one achieves is masterpiece poetry of life!


T A RAMESH:  Born on 28th August 1950 Author T A Ramesh, after working as an industrialist in Sri Lakshminarayana Industries for 22 years, is occupied with writing poems and essays since 1989 and has become a Writer Publisher at Halo Papers, India publishing books from 1996 onwards; from 2005 he is occupied with publishing his poems and articles on internet; from 2005 on he has become a world website poetry writer. He has written about 92 English Books such as novel, short stories, non-fiction ones and poetry books. Achievement Awards: He is honoured with Best English Book Author Award by Sourashtra Community Welfare Chamber in 2005, elected as Poet of the Year 2010 for his fine philosophic poetry by the readers of , honoured as Best Writer in English with Sourashtrian Achievers Award  by BVK-SITCON committee at Madurai in 2013, also honoured with a prize of $250 for winning in Poetry Contest in September 2013. Anthologies and Videos: Further his  poems are published in Poetry Anthologies like The Enchanting Verses International and Conifers Call magazine and Fiesta of Love (Songs of Loving Hearts) and his poems such as Colourful Flowers (2009) and Water of Life (2009) are released as Poetry Videos on and  He is also honoured with the publication of poems in Romanian language in 2014 in Geneza Visurilor, an Anthology of International Poetry. From 2015 on his poems are published in Our Poetry Archive for the promotion of world peace and unity against racism and terrorism and also from 2016 on his poems are published in Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry website! Country of Origin: INDIA; Mother Tongue: Sourashtra; Nationality: Indian; Place of Living: Pondicherry


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  2. Shagufta Hussein Sir the art of dance the lines "Dance is good physical exercise, art and a medium to go
    High spiritually to a state of divine quite unique sure; " reminded me of whirling Dervishes. Thank you so much for sharing this Spiritual experience.
    Best regards
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