Saturday, December 1, 2018




You taste of freedom,
Said I to Love,
While I was sprawled on him
Naked and chilled,
Enjoying the freshness of the night
As the moon shone above us
While flowers enjoyed the darkness by dancing
And wild animals used this opportunity to shed off their aggressive mask!

You taste of such freedom
As to make Gods jealous
You taste of eternity,
Of bountiful youth, of everlasting happiness,
Of a never ending story,
Of a free flowing poem set in Heaven
And of having enough power
As to do whatever you want,
In a universe which keeps itself veiled
To the whole lot of humankind!

You taste of freedom
And I,
Have grown enslaved
Like a drug addict,
Your kisses have become a need
So have your touch
And your desires
Even if tainted
With the hues of mundane sin
Remain so pure,
As this is what the skies wished to see
From there where they hide
While peeping at us!

You taste of freedom
And to you I wish to submit
As if,
I were denied of everything that makes me who I am,
Caring, rather,
To see to it
That you do relish my enslavement to you!


I carry my own heart
As if,
It were a pure crystal
Meant not to be contaminated with filth!

I carry it,
In a cracked glass vase
To be able to keep the water that surrounds it
To allow it to survive
Without it,
What would become of me?

I carry my own heart
Knowing that I have to allow the skies
To act out their wish upon it!

My heart remains mine own
While the life I lead does not belong to me
My identity is a false one
It relies on a mundane existence
Which thrives for a reason
Everyone philosophises about
But no one knows for sure!

My heart remains mine own
And I carry it
While the skies do want me to do so!
I tread there where they want me to
I saunter there where they push me
And I sit there where they bid me to
I do acknowledge
That a heart is never complete on its own
Shall it no more seek the water that surrounds it
Shall it no more seek to be carried
Only when it shall meet
With the other heart,
Chosen by the skies!


I looked at Love with hurting eyes
Unable to voice out
The anguish that burnt in me
Does love not thrive on freedom?
Is love not a river
Does it seek not to flow,
Free, while being admired and loved?

I looked at Love with hurting eyes
You are free,
Said I to him,
My feelings for you cannot be described by poetry
I want you to feel free,
And I want my love to thrive in this freedom
That I give to you!

Are we not love's symbolism,
Whispered I to him
Have we not been chosen by the skies
Shall we not care to allow their powers
To celebrate us
By allowing life and love to keep on being?

You are free,
Said I to love
Tell me, what is it that you desire?

Love looked at me with twinkling eyes
And said,
I am free, to choose to be your knave
Before engulfing me in an embrace
And filling up my senses
With enough lightning bolts
As to make Zeus jealous!


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