Saturday, December 1, 2018




Grow the flowers of passion without hesitation
Its worth the while
For joy for everyone
Its a sweet delicacy
In everyone's life
A life where there is passion never fails to celebrate
A rapturous life arise from flowers of blooming passion and life goes on with joyous celebration !
Not a dull moment can you find when life is filled with passion and love
Make your barren life full of mirth n celebration leading a life blissful and purposeful
Colour your life's canvas with bright colours of your choice enjoying every minute of your life
Love the nature green and lush with pretty blooms embracing your heart!
©® Sarala Balachandran


I knew the tender love from the time I entered my mother's womb
listening to her sweet talk and lullabies when I started troubling her too much!
She nursed me in her womb through the nutrients she consumed through that magical umbilical cord and I grew in size and sprouted hair which gave her an itch on her tummy but she never complained!
She brought me to this world and I cried Oh God I was happily staying inside the beautiful swimming pool of my mother!
She smiles always with her tender love giving me a rub on my body with aromatic oil making me smell like a garden around!
No one ever can give me that tender love which she poured on me in abundance!
I give her so much trouble crying in the night when she is asleep tired, but without any complaint she puts me next to her bosom to suckle the sweet nectar which made me grow n grow every day!
Now I am grown up and working but she still cares for me in her tender ways serving me the best of food she could afford!
Oh mother your love can never be replaced by anyone in this world!
©®-Sarala Balachandran


In my dream I was a bird flying high through the sky chirping away happily with my pretty colourful wings
I was about to touch
The sky when I got hurt by a bullet but I did not die as my wings are mighty !
I flew slowly now touched the branch of a tree where I saw a nest beautifully made
I quietly entered the nest sitting pretty
I saw my partner coming with grains to feed my hungry stomach!
I opened my beak slowly and he fed me
With love
Both of us chirped together in happiness!
We together flew out of the nest again and flew to another land
Looking for some green hills where we can together sing glories to God!
I was in a beautiful world but I got up with a tap on my back, my husband asking for a cup of tea !
What an unforgettable dream I had!
©® Sarala Balachandran


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  1. My goodness girlfriend your poetry always moves me .. You are a rose when it comes to poetry..