Saturday, December 1, 2018




A sunny kiss
the day ends,
the waves are floating
today's events.

Tomorrow, a clean card
will pass the hours,
and these will go
own roads.

Do not leave the day
stop moments,
let the melody flow
memories and longings.

Look how they look
through the eyes of love
every detail, voice -
left touch.


On such day
I'm closing in myself,
thoughts go down to the abyss -
the poems are silent.

Words flow from the bottom of my heart
interrupted by sobs,
they fill free space
between lanterns.

You are there and you hear,
believers -
cold granite will not pass
heat or voice.

Name of Saints,
chrysanthemums, candles
and prayer - a rescue which
protects against collapse.


Ravens scattered in the gardens
looking for yesterday's life
and they veiled the black wings
dancing in the sun, summer.

Silence embraces my poems,
which are generally spoken
they collected nectar from the colors of autumn -
they fall silent like terrified children.

He starts to cuddle the leaves,
the smells were taken from the chimney,
and dropped heads of roses
They are drinking cold tears of the morning.

In memory, anniversaries are multiplying,
faces of those who were still yesterday
they were at your fingertips.
Rain plays melodies of oblivion.


Dumb people, go out in his eyes.
They go in their lives, words are choking,
thought whispers - leave the hangman
because he will hurt even more.

They walk semi-conscious
learned appearances, meanwhile
the scream breaks up the guts.

In silent homes
mute children are born,
without love, no words of approval.

Delicate, understanding,
often full of aggression.
They are reconciled - they are silent in fear
before remorse.


JADWIGA BUJAK-PISAREK Ur. May 22, 1957 In Świebodzice. A clothing technician by education. Editorial secretary Laureate of many poetry competitions. The Poet of the Year 2015 honored by the editorial staff of the "Dziennik E-Literaci" statuette for the entire activity in the field of literature in the last five years 2010 - 2015 and the Statuette of the 100th Anniversary of Independence for long-term cooperation. A member of the Literary Association 'Witryna' in Stalowa Wola. A member of the International Literary Art Group "Kwadrat" in Krakow. A member of the Association of Polish Authors in Warsaw. She has published four volumes and co-authored six literary issues. Ten anthologies, including one religious Her poems appeared in three international anthologies. Her poems are translated into English. They are published in the international monthly: "OUR POETRY ONLINE ARCHIVES ONLINE MONTHLY POEZJI." For several years, he has been publishing on the website, where he has gained many regular readers. Participant of Festivals, literary workshops and meetings: Festival of Song and Patriotic Poetry in Lubaczów - 3rd place in the poem "Even today"; First, Second and Fourth Festival "Lubaczów Poetic Autumn" in Lubaczów, where her two poems were available for the Museum of the Borderlands; • Participant of the 15th "Jurassic Poetic Autumn" in Zloty Potok and the "Festival of Slavic Poetry" Cieszyn 2015; • Founder of the Independent Saffo Poet Group; in GBP in Zebrzydowice and organizer of cyclical meetings in poetry in Zebrzydowice. He conducts a series of meetings on poetry in the DS. in Cieszyn.

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