Saturday, December 1, 2018




Would you hold back my hair?
Every morning as I'm sick?
Would you wipe my face, not chastise me?
Because I wasn't quick?
Would you travel far and wide?
For the craving I MUST have?
Would you go to all the classes?
Instead of being with the lads?
Would you love my stretch marks?
That stretch further than they should?
Would you buy the expensive cream?
The TV adds promise, is soooo good?
Would you still love more
When I'm screaming out with pain?
Would you please ignore the abuse?
When I swear I'm never doing this again?
Would you try and be patient?
Until I'm fit again?
Would you agree to disagree?
When choosing our babies name?
Would you promise to share the night feeds?
The teething, maybe some baby blues?
Most of all, would you promise
To never stop being YOU?


Stress, stress go away
Don't bother returning
For yet another day
Everywhere I turn
There you are
Come on, pack it in now
You're taking this too far
Stress, stress go away
Let's call it quits
For another day
My appetite has gone
My perfect nails
Are down to stubs
I must go on Google
To find a 'Stressed' Free club
Come on, Stress
Give me a break
I can't sleep at night
You are keeping awake!
Encouraging me To
Scream, yell and hollow
Ruining my plans
I have for tomorrow
Stress, stress stress
I have something
Up my sleeve
Something I know
Will make you leave
It doesn't involve
A breakdown
Or pulling out my hair
Or even more meds
They wouldn't dare
My trainers are on
My 'Nelly' case is packed
I'm running away with the Circus
And never coming back

Hope do you cope with your Stress???


Can you see my suit of Armour?
Take a look inside
Can you see the cracks?
Where even light can't hide
Can you see the dents?
Oh, it’s far from new
Many battles already won
Some still going through
Sometimes it is heavy
The weight hard to bare
Sometimes I hardly
Even know it’s there
Sometimes it's noisy
Each step I take
Sometimes it is silent
Learning from my mistakes
But I wear it with pride
Loving its protection
A special gift from God
Keeping me in the right direction
Made from love
Prayers and hope
Without it, would I be able to cope?
So, bring on the battles
However big or small
Each time I hear a battle cry
I also hear God call


KARI THOMASON is an English poet, writing about her journey through her life, all the good, the bad, the ugly and often showing her funny sense of humour along the way. After being diagnosed with heart and lung problems, Kari’s now focusing on fulfilling her ‘wish list’, one of which was to be a published author, and now has 2 books published, with a 3rd and 4th currently in the making. She has 2 grown children, and 3 grandsons, who without, wouldn’t be where she is today.

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  1. What wonderful poetry.. Please never stop writing.. You have a gift..