Saturday, December 1, 2018




I loved a black man,
I wished he loved me,
But too much of bitterness,
I was unable to see.
His tender childhood was bruised and wounded
So he travelled miles and an empire he founded.
With guarded high walls, and stoned doors,
He couldn't just let anyone hurt him anymore.
Ruthless mankind harmed and scarred his life,
In his life he had been through only war and strife.
So when I gifted him my heartfelt love and desire,
It ignited his passions and gave it a fire.
Still his hatred for all white people across,
Couldn't let him come close to me and give him a toss.
Throughout he faced so much of racism,
That he could not see a light in a prism.
I tried and retried but all in vain,
I failed to reduce his pain.
My love got lost in this racism war,
And my black lover bid me a goodbye and went away so far.


She loved him with her messy heart
Little did she know it may break apart
He hugged her with his fragile heart
Betrayal was on his mind from the very start.

She caressed him with her scarred hands
For she felt she found a support, now to hold and stand
He fondled her with his bruised hands
He knew that he has captured her with his magic wand.

The two broken souls made love with their flaws
But they were clutched in destiny's claws
He came to play but he lost his heart in this game of love
But she won as she breathes her last and travels to heaven above.
©® Sunita


I wanna sink deep
In the waters of love
Let me dive
Into the pool of serenity
Amidst the bustling world
Among the crowd of people
My eyes only searches for you.
I wanna sink deep
Into the ocean of your eyes
Where I find my real self
Unclothed body
Bare soul
No hidden lies
Unmasked me
I wanna sink deep
In your love oasis
Thirsty heart and soul
Bathed in your showers of love
Quenched my thirst
Rejuvenate my sprits


Tell me the truth
Who am I?
Please at least you don't lie.
Am I beautiful inside as I'm out?
Answer me, clear my doubt.
In my life, did I never sin?
Have I never cheated in life's race to win?
Mirror, Mirror
Tell me all,
How I rose after every fall!
How I faked a smile and hid the tears,
How I faced all defeats without any fears...
I trust you , because you say all truth, you know my lies
When I look into your deep magnifying eyes
You are my real reflection, my inner conscience
You know my heart and soul in every sense and how I have self imposed penance.


Who am I?
I didn't get the answer till date,
I don't know the reason why,
But that is my fate.

Born to loving parents,
I got the best of what life meant.
Being a single pampered child,
Enjoyed each moment calm and wild.
From that age even, I wondered WHO AM I?

Married to a loving husband
Being a caring wife
Is it all that I needed in life??
Again struggling to get the answer, don’t know why
That really WHO AM I?

Being a mother is such a heavenly feel,
I got such loving kids and I feel blessed,
But still it cannot heal,
The question which haunts me till I'm dead.

Now at this mature age
When life is settled at a calm stage
I ask me, WHO AM I?
But found no answer don't know the reason why.

Can't I have an own identity?
And people will accept me with dignity?
Why do women have to live a life only for other?
Being only a wife, daughter, sister or a mother?

So I still am searching the answer,
From people and places near and far,
As I find my search complete,
I promise I won't cheat.
I'll come and tell you here,
Without any tantrums or fear,
All hidden truths and no lie,
I will let you know,
Who am I!!!!!!


Your Durga comes with great pomp and joy
My Durga (as a poor child) does not get even a broken toy
Your Durga is full of lights
My Durga (here a prostitute) in the bed only satisfies at night
Your Durga is made of mud and clay
My Durga (an aborted girl child) sometimes never see the light of day
Your Durga is only awesome and grand
My Durga(a poor young lady) finds hard a place in this world to stand.
Your Durga comes every year only for a week
My Durga(the child in poverty)here the whole year is feeble and weak
Your Durga is celebrated and worshipped
My Durga(the tortured housewives) is only abused and whipped
Your Durga comes with divine grace
My Durga(an average woman) here struggles in the life's race
Your Durga comes with powers to fight the evils
My Durga(a raped female)here is torn to pieces by the devils
Your Durga is also a girl and a woman
But why My Durga is always treated as a bane???


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