Saturday, December 1, 2018




I want to colour the rainbow
Maybe add a colour that I really like

I want to give salt to the water in the ocean.
Maybe just a little bit to feel more tasty and comfortable.

I want to colour the sky with a little blue.
To make it looked more beautiful and bright, you tease me.

I want to teach the wind to blow my body
So that I sleep in a dream and refuse to wake up again.

And I dream of giving water to the rain.
So when he touch my body I feel fresh and comfortable.

If there is only someone would teach me to love.
If someone was willing to take me beyond the thorns.

Ah, if only love has little tolerance.
Ah, if only hatred has a particle of love.

Maybe a hundred or a thousand of my scores to translate it
Perhaps I will be the first rank

Ah, at the moment when the heart is hallucinating.
And the eyes dream during the day.

Sometimes I cry myself
Sometimes I laugh like crazy

Oh, I want to paint in the clouds.
Oh I want to fly and forget about the earth ...
Indonesian Borneo, October 17, 2018 (13.03)
Rini Valentina


I mention your beautiful name when I miss you

The wind knows

The flowers understands

The sun knows

Especially your favorite flower ...

I write your name on white paper in blue ink

I engraved with my heart

I arrange a beautiful poem  for you

Just for you

Even though I might never have you

Even though everything I though is just a dream that won't be happened...

With the sun that is never bored here

I wrote a poem again

About the deep trough in my heart

And I put a love for her

Only for her

I prepared everything for her...

The woman who I love with all my soul ...

But now I realize

Love it  isn’t enough to make her happy

Love will not be able to complete all the dreams

I understand

I understand

All of this is be the most beautiful record at the end of my poem today

Indeed love doesn’t always have to belong to each other

Love doesn’t always have to be together when I have become hers ...

I wish I hadn't met you before

If only I hadn't let my heart fall into the longing

Maybe my trough is not for you

Maybe my dreams aren't about you

And maybe poetries are only for the sun, moon and stars

But unfortunately ...

My regret is like the night wind

My regrets are like birds - seagulls

My regrets are like owls falling in love on the full moon up there !!!!!!
Borneo Indonesia, 08 October 2018 (08.25 am)


What was it like when the moon and the sun met?

Could they throwed  smile at each other

Could they shaken hands with each other

Or could there be a big hug

What was it like when the moon and the sun met

Could it be that they winked each other

Could it be that they both laughed happily

Or was it possible to sit together at one table

What would be happened when the sun and the moon greated each other

How are you

Do we really miss each other

And is it true that after this we will always share the love

If only the sun and moon really met

Holding each other in the same love

Looking at each other with beautiful and happy eyes

Could we as a human also be enjoying their togetherness

Maybe and maybe what we have in our mind

Like magnolia flowers that often dream of seeing fireflies flying during the day

Or like seagulls flying low in the mountains looking for fish

Or was it like the snow falling down in the middle of a barren desert

If only the moon and the sun had promised

Met each other at the end of the earth

What can do the human then ?

Just seeing the earth stop spinning and die !!
Indonesian Borneo, 09/09/2018 (12.32pm)


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