Friday, February 1, 2019




This nursling of a bird,
I was feeding, caring for,
while spelling in my mind
the word ‘love’.
There was all the time
in the world to utter
the four characters.
I stroke its feathers,
looked into its eyes,
cradled myself in them,
professed care, carefree!
The sultry evening
I finished spelling ‘love’
it had grown wings,
sturdy ones, it was its
wean-out time from me.


By all means a warm winter,
but I am not letting go
of the shawl,
clutching it close, for its
warmth I chose to haul.

The heat that is extra,
dished out from the wool,
I save it in little,
for it can be my tool
to win on the cruelly
colder days,

and the heat-bank says,
I can withdraw then, the
amount of my choice.
I will do it for sure
before winter deploys

means to beat me,
I will combat the cold
meted out to the old,
as much bold-facedly!
All by withdrawing then
the heat now I save within.


The sand-castles of my poems
get washed away by the time-tide,
and I cannot retain the odour
or the feel of sands in my hands,
the rooms where we roamed in
inside the castle, our sunrise window,
the sunset balcony,
the pebbled path to the sea
dimly flash as memory.

It got rebuilt again somewhat
while working on the poem files;
there came the aroma of the shared coffee,
the sound of our shared rhymes.
Words sprucing up the sandcastle
defying the erosion of time.


AMANITA SEN: Published by Writers Workshop, Amanita Sen's first book of poems, was “The Candle in My Dream”, . Since then her English poems have been carried in a number of anthologies and magazines. Her Bengali poems have been published in various magazines too.

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