Friday, February 1, 2019




Will you allow me to extend
Enormous amorous shower on you?
Will you permit me possess
Thy politeness puffed self?
Will you license me to luxuriate
All intimate liberties in love?
Will you let me net nothing but you
With extraordinary appeal to steal you?
Will you let me lush-lure
To lock thy charms to chain you?
Will you signature me intense
To deliver my dense touch back to you?
Will you donate countless dates to me
To devote desiring for you?
Will you spare me softly
Thy sensuousness to spoil you?
Will you relish my romancing
To undividedly eternalize you?


I know you are sweetness untold
But you go sour to my utter surprise
Your passions never fall short
Yet seldom I get glimpses of polite venom

In dream you cannot think so
But in reality hurting happens
Yes, you shock me out of blue
Yes, you sting spontaneously

And Yes, I admit- I feel hurt
Feel strongly vanishing like a vapor
But how could you ever know?
Who can ever know the hurt’s depth?

I react in romance, rarely rage
I smile simply, seldom sorry
May be momentarily moods get sour
May be this is naturally seasonal
But why, there ebbs an angry throw of words
Less pleasant, more piercing
But why, we hurt them whom we honey-love
Licenced liberties to locket love

Excessive suppression and outlet
Both create conflict and erase care-ink
Being in love, we hide our hurts
And dig holes in honest hearts

But how can one catch mercuric love
Transparently tender, almost uncatchable
But how can one forget mountainous moments
Magically masterpieces, beyond measure

And less upset attitude and more quiet care
Brings back cozy sweetness to rematch all
Over-brimming emotions of each lover
Fetches the proximity to bind both

Despite all trivial trifles, true love succeeds
Because of all intensity, never heighten hurt’s weeds


Every thunder I, all rains He
Every genre I, all literature He
Every fire I, all warmth He
Every sensation I, all climax He
Every wish I, all fulfillment He
Every desire I, all pinning He
Every wine I, all addiction He
Every journey I, all destination He
Every ink I, all pens He
Every word I, all emotions He
Every poem I, all thoughts He
Every jewel I, all treasures He
Every drop I, all love oceans He
Every life I, all breathings He
Every sophistry I, all classes He
Every moment I, all times He
Every feeling I, all pleasures He
Every beat I, all hearts He


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