Friday, February 1, 2019




So young, so sweet, so insecure,
so trusting that all men are pure,
what harm is there in a drink and chat,
until the man becomes a rat.

Who would guess the mind of man?
Taking liberties just because he can!
Grabbing what he wants then simply walking away,
leaving a young girl in distress and dismay.

What happened to honour, respect and trust?
Where are the days men acted just?
Has the greedy harlot swallowed them all?
Are there none who can make a honest call?
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Please, please, listen to me,
with your soul and not your ear,
I need for you to really hear,
so I can bring you very near.

Hearts are broken, lives are torn,
dreams are shattered , hopes forlorn,
pain and sorrow like cancer feed,
ripping us to shreds through all its greed.

Love is crushed by broken trust,
joy is smashed by what's unjust,
slowly darkness feeds us hatred,
soiling all that's pure and sacred.

Purity is life's corner stone,
love the essence that brings us home,
forgiveness opens all the doors,
with chains and shackles falling to the floors.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Does a heart ever age,
can love ever grow old,
aren't they forever young,
even when they sometimes hide?

Does a heart ever break,
or do we have it all wrong,
is it expectations that are shattered,
because our demands are too strong?

A heart never ages or even breaks,
it's what flows in and out that sets the stage,
love is complete and can never cause pain,
demands and expectations are what bring the chain.

So open your hearts,
all the windows and doors,
let love flow through feely,
and lift you off the floors.
Accept what you receive,
then let it flow along,
don't ever hold it back,
'cause then it can never become a song.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS: Poetess and author of short stories, which can be seen on ZARARIA Yul Readers Page, has recently published her seventh book. Well versed in matters of darkness, fear, depression, sorrow and heartache, and fighting like crazy to escape from the insanity of life into a space of calm tranquility and inner peace, her poetry journey started on the streets, where so many of the really broken are found....

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