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Despite mechanical way of life of modern world,
Romance still survives here and there somehow;
Good romantic life may not be on the forefront,
Yet, despite lustful life dominates, it is fine!

The lovely nature of romantic life of literature
Has got its own way of life being followed by
The lovers of romantic adventure leading to good
End as in romantic comedies of the past literature!

Real emotional and healthy love has got life of
Its own only in romantic way of life in the world;
Starting with greetings, well wishes, secret meets
And exchange of love letters to marriage it's lovely!

A great satisfaction one gets in the romantic adventure
One meets with success after a lot of hardships in life!


Romantic heroes and Helens are lovers of beauty;
It's their beauty that has attracted each other
And love bloomed between them against all odds!

In the classical epic it is said that thousand ships
Were launched due to single beauty of Helen
And the war went on for ten years for nothing...!

Because of beauty and love perfectly matched each
Other and the war that tried to separate them was
Not achieved and love had won against many losses!

Power and wealth may be impossible to surmount by
Beauty and love, but the supporters of good cause
Never can meet with failure though prolongs long..!

Arrogance may dominate in the beginning and until
The end, but justice only can rise against all to win..!


Romantic love starts at first sight making true the
Fact that first impression is the lasting impression!
Love is a matter of emotion of heart and not intellect
Of mind to decide about life partnership between two!

Animals, birds and fish by natural instinct find partner
To mate and perpetuate their species ever in the world;
That is the natural way of life going on among all living
Beings since time immemorial of humankind in the world!

Man being a higher being of all living beings has his
Emotion to play the part for love and achieving fruition
In love, intellect plays its part to make life enjoyable
And successful in happy married life beyond any doubt..!

Love is unique and one of a kind in human relationship
Besides friendship for starting the emotional play of life!


Love is the ever green theme of sweet romantic life
All wish to live in the world beyond all time here!
The loving kiss is more than any gold or diamond one
May have in one's disposal as nothing can buy love ever!

Love is the natural feeling that blooms between two
Souls of attractive beauty like the two clouds of
Hydrogen and oxygen dashingly embrace with lightning
And thunder to produce rain of fulfillment in love!

How love starts, proceeds and fulfils itself in union
Between two souls of naturally loving humans who have
Not known earlier but only by chance on their way to
Mind their professional occupation come in contact..!

The nature of infection of love between two attractive
Souls is a great mystery yet to be unearthed by humans!


Loving soul's embrace and kiss to the loved one has
No hesitation, anything in mind and natural as the
Air we breathe to show how much one loves the other!

Only loving being has free mind, heart and soul in life;
That kind of love is what needed to be cherished ever
To make life enjoyable with real joy and pleasure sure!

Traditional cultural gestures of love are good to follow;
But real gesture of love is sensuous and passionate sure
And that only kindles real affection, attachment and love!

True love never betrays unlike the passing cloud like
Gestures of traditional cultural love among relatives or
Friends meeting each one usually in a matter of fact way!

Passionate and sensuous love only shows real gesture of
Love of one to the loved one wherever and whenever meet!


Love in all relationships makes hatred and enmity impossible
To crop up anytime to sustain human life in a nice way sure;
In an indifferent atmosphere of any working place, just a
Smile of love can deal all matters better than before ever!

Smile, kind words and helping tendency are all born of love
That make any situation amicable for all to bear and adjust
To make things proceed in a smooth way without causing any
Anxiety and tension maintaining good mood for all damn sure!

In such a situation and circumstance only, romantic affairs
Begin well leading to love and happy life after marriage to
Do great deeds resulting in achievements that bring a lot of
Honours and encomiums to romantic fellows of good nature sure!

Whatever one does or forgets in life, keeping a smile on one's
Face is the first and best posture or gesture that helps to
Solve all difficult matters in a matter of fact way without
Any fuss and tussle among the group of various natures ever..!


RAMESH THUMATI ALAGARSAMY: Born on 28th August 1950 Author Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy, after working as an industrialist in Sri Lakshminarayana Industries for 22 years, is occupied with writing poems and essays since 1989 and has become a Writer Publisher at Halo Papers, India publishing books from 1996 onwards; from 2005 he is occupied with publishing his poems and articles on internet; from 2005 on he has become a world website poetry writer. He has written about 111 English Books such as novel, short stories, non-fiction ones and poetry books. Achievement Awards: He is honoured with Best English Book Author Award by Sourashtra Community Welfare Chamber in 2005, elected as Poet of the Year 2010 for his fine philosophic poetry by the readers of , honoured as Best Writer in English with Sourashtrian Achievers Award  by BVK-SITCON committee at Madurai in 2013, also honoured with a prize of $250 for winning in Poetry Contest in September 2013. Anthologies and Videos: Further his  poems are published in Poetry Anthologies like The Enchanting Verses International and Conifers Call magazine and Fiesta of Love (Songs of Loving Hearts) and his poems such as Colourful Flowers (2009) and Water of Life (2009) are released as Poetry Videos on and  He is also honoured with the publication of poems in Romanian language in 2014 in Geneza Visurilor, an Anthology of International Poetry. From 2015 on his poems are published in Our Poetry Archive for the promotion of world peace and unity against racism and terrorism and also from 2016 on his poems are published in Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry website! Country of Origin: INDIA; Mother Tongue: Sourashtra; Nationality: Indian; Place of Living: Pondicherry.

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