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Nothingness is the state of mind
A vacuum in our thinking process
To feel the emptiness
We don't need any solitude
Sometimes we are alone and in zero state
feeling Nothingness in a crowd
Whereas sometimes we feel differently
Actually it all depends on the circumstances we face
Death tells us about the end of life
But again it makes us understand
About the life cycle of this life chain!!
Everything is hidden in nothingness
And nothingness is residing in everything!!
Varsha Saran@


Love is always beyond the words
How many times..
Poets, writers, Story tellers described
It's deepness and inexhaustible nature
But still it's more curious subject to deal with
To practice with
Whenever first Sunrays peeps through the window pane
Or Beautiful rose is ready to bloom
When the cloud burst out with tears
And crazy peacock dances in romance
When Shayar writes Gajal in a full moon night
And pretty woman walks on the pavement and her Romio waits eagerly to see her first glance
Love is there to describe it's various chapters and gestures
Everything is unpredictable in love
It's a feeling that is beyond any borders, caste creed ,culture and social disorders
Everything is fair for love birds
Nomatter how old they are !!
Love never demands
It's always a doner
A kind sweet gesture
That is stronger
Than any negative power!!
Varsha Saran@


If you find him
In the chilling , biting cold of December
With numb hands , crack heels
Dry skin and frequent tremors
No more shelter to live and eat
No more warmth required to stand on his feet....
Look, I am telling you, a story of Gypsy poor boy in the open street...

Poets write about the beauty of this
Wondrous winter.....
Where freezed lake , icy wind and joy to celebrate the Christmas with ringing bells , cake , lightning and fun with Santa indeed,
But Sometimes one 's beauty becomes one's  difficulty ,when it is on peak
No romantic songs of winter
No wonderful flowers that bloom with sweet gestures
Only a needy , poor homeless person
Requires some warmth , hot food, blanket and shelter to enjoy it's wondrous winter!!
Varsha Saran@


Night was silently
Singing it's lonely song
Yes, it was the place
Where my apoonitment with a struggling moment had begun
My rendezvous with death
And my chocking breath
Carving for water !
Near the waves of this sea
I forgot every mantra of divine
I forgot every phone number of my dear and near ones
Sweating face
Frightening game
No one can explain it's awful strain
Suddenly , someone left my chocking neck
I felt some relief
With so much pain
O! It's my destiny
That not allowed him to
Meet with me
It was my good time
That fought bravely
When I was going to deep down in the grave.
Varsha Saran@copyright


VARSHA SARAN is a homemaker but a bilingual poetess and a story writer by her passion, her many poems and stories have been published in different international Anthologies,,ezines, magazines and newspapers .She won many awards in writing.

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