Friday, February 1, 2019




Be my rose of happiness
And bloom from my palm,
Allow me to melt the ice
From its wonderful petals
And make them paradise…

Be my wild secret story
And allow me to reveal
All that`s hidden from the eye,
The letters dancing
On each page,
The verses so shy…

Be the breathing
Of my wild heart
When waving its wings,
While mirroring in the waters,
When running towards the sky
Chasing this love supreme
That`s making me so high..

Be my treasure,
My adventure of the day,
Scream my name
And kiss my pain,
Sing the songs I`ve never heard
Dance on my senses all along…

Be my open window
And bring the moon to my feet
I`ll share a little space of creativity
Where you become my eccentric muse
And I surrender
To your mysterious avenues…

Be mine…


You are
My most precious gift
During all day, everyday...
During all winter`s time
When snow keeps dropping down
Like the wings of an angel...

You are
My most precious gift
`Cause there is just all there...
You are all there is in the world:
The beauty,
The landscape of wander
The story,
The poetry,
The fireplace burning
Keeping us warm...

You are...
My most precious gift...
... all there is...

Take some precious time
To listen...
All the stories I have left untold
All the touches I have left undone
All the music I have left in stillness...
`Cause what is left in all
Is a beautiful dance
Waiting to be invited on stage...


In our fierce Tango bliss
I always find the unusual… the excitement…
Shyly mingled into the depths
Of the ordinary…
There is a straw of Heaven
Piercing our profane routine…
There is a different world
Behind closed doors
And coming before my eyes…
It is indeed your irresistible charm
That drives the flowers wild…


ANA-LUCREŢIA NEDELCU: Ana (pen name LiterAnART) is from Romania, Eastern Europe. She has been writing for ten years and she has widely published in her country and abroad, having multiple international collaborations. She is a writer, poetess, journalist, researcher, book editor and translator. She also teaches creative writing workshops and represents the World Poetry Canada association in her country. Together with the association, she is about to publish this year the “Creative writing 10”- a series of workshops dedicated to literary and journalistic creation and implemented in her country of origin in 2016. “MY MUSE & I - 365 DAYS ~ A POEM A DAY” 2017 is her debut volume in the English language, an e_book that contains 365 poems dedicated to love, romance, the beloved, nature and world peace. You can find Ana and her work @ &

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