Tuesday, October 1, 2019




Your touch splashes the east with a flourish
effulgence smears the horizon
gently you kiss Nature’s threshold
The earth awakens to behold.
Your light touches my eyes
sinks deep in,
the earth, the ocean, the sky,
all terrestrial beings
In hallucinatory impermanence break free—
Cosmic unison begets
A cadence of single sheen.
The glow tinges my soul,
uplifts a spirit
straddling mind and body.
From the epicenter of maimed existence
freedom surges, the ephemeral
bonds with the womb of eternity
In the sonorous rumble ‘Oum’.
Smoldering grief, pulsating anxiety
Joys bitter sweet remain suspended in a trance—
The soul is set free
In rapturous Ecstacy.

A Fairy Tale

She stared at the vacant night
clutching a pall of gloom
pangs in morsels snowballed.
A teenage love story of sweet sixteen
promising a fairy tale ending
clipped midway in trailing frustration,
depression smoldered
Stratified under a pale light.
Only, if tears could efface life
she shed enough of it dipping her bones
cloistered in shallow breath
looking down the precipice
Suddenly she beheld a steady luminous gaze—
A confidant, the star, which could be her mother
she had frantically looked for
in the farthest nook of the galaxy
to bare an orphaned bosom.

Getting over her blues in wrapped radiance
a new leaf she turned
The world she wooed with hope and love
gave a damn to happy endings.
Narratives in light and shadow wove her life anew--
The precipice now a picturesque plot of land
and happily she lived ever after.

The Full Moon

I hold the crescent moon
In my eyes
cupped in longing,
Tripping in darkness of my room
Through widow ajar.
A latitude degree away
your eyes seek mine
trudging the sky.
The sky is one,
The moon one,
through the crescent moon you see
Our longing travels full circle.
The warmth of our love
waxes to a full moon,
haloed in our eyes
We become complete


AMITA RAY is a retired associate professor in English and Vice Principal of a college in West Bengal. Her career spans over a period thirty eight years.An academic of varied interests she is a published translator and short story writer. She has translated into English Abanindranath Tagore's KHIRER PUTUL which was published in 2018.Many of her short stories have been published in popular web magazines and  The Sunday Statesman. She has a passion for writing poetry and has contributed to Glomag,Setu, Dissident Voice and other online magazines.

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  1. ah, wonderful read, great composition dear poet. wish you more success.