Tuesday, October 1, 2019




Though love is a sacred bond
I don't want to be a puppet
Or a frog in a pond
I wanna live my life to connect with
The accents of delight, beyond
I fight on my freedom
Suffering from fever of boredom
I am tired of giving reason
The cry of my soul need to listen
Bird wants to fly to freedom
I am lost without a reason
Life is a mystery to think about someone
But you never could make me realize, I need someone
I break the frame, I fight for freedom


I born to be free from
The bubbles in a frozen pond
I wanna wander
Without frame of any bond
I wanna sing a song
I wish to wave a magical wand
I want to be a free bird
To soar high in a dream land
I want to dance freely
Let ooze the infectious energy, to respond
I want to wrap me
In an environment of freeland
I want to be free
To explore the world, beyond

Worthy Meeting

Give me a lot of clouds in the gift
I'll keep it in the safety box
Give two meter of fog or a cloak of mist
Before I got exasperate by scorching Sun
Give me some raindrops too
To decorate in my hair braid

I would like to dance with striking lightening
I'll play Holi, borrowing colours from rainbow
I'll make friend to first ray of Sun
Even I'll send you in the envelope
A piece of peace
And a quality time too
I'll give you a sweet Lunar Smile too

Promise to come and meet me
Quench my thirst of love
My life is for you, I am for you!...


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  1. I enjoyed all the three poems of yours.Just loved to go through these poems of different kind each one based on a beautiful concept.
    Bishnu Charan Parida.