Tuesday, October 1, 2019



A Call To Humanity

If I could fly a bird whose wings are
Loaded with love to humanity
If it could wander over all countries
For LOVE is needed
To live fraternally
If I could hear neither hunger screams
Nor gun sounds
If I could remove
The hearts full of grudges and hate
And instead put the ones
Full of love for fraternity and humanity.
If I could fly a bird whose wings are
Loaded with love to humanity
If it could take liberty to all countries in the world
For PEACE is needed
To live fraternally.
If all countries could speak a common language, a heart language,
Their hands would not touch guns
And pull the triggers.
For a heart language is needed
To live fraternally.
Whether in Bosnia-Herzegovina or Iraq
Or in another place in the world
People should not be killed. Babies
And children should not be left orphaned.
Stop this savagery, that's enough!
Don’t let blood floods run

From My Lips
To My Toes…

The blaze of the evening on the windows. . .
When you took me into your arms with passion
My hands used to behave childishly in your hands,
And all the stars in the sky
Used to come down into my eyes. . .
In those nights we breathlessly experienced,
The moonlight
Used to hold on to the hair of the curtains.
You were fireflies coming down with their torches
From my lips. . . to my toes. . .
As if mountains have bent over their foot slopes
And kissed wild flowers. . .
You were
The most beautiful hours of the day.

Where Are You?

Mirrors are being broken inside of me
your face of flower is in a thousand pieces
I'm bending over and kissing you on your forehead
"ignoring the pain fell in my heart"
a pigeon with a broken wing
is flapping into the blue.

Since you went away from me untimely
I've been coming ashore
now my glass heart
my dreams of sparrow
clouds are always on the road
sadness is lining up on my eyelashes
Where are you?

I'm tired in the shadow of the pain you left behind
my face cannot see daylight
my Gloria, my chamomile, my calendula...
I cannot smell you anymore
my snowdrop that blooms on the peaks of the mountains
are you my flower of longing?

Without you I'm a fruitless tree,
a disorientated migratory bird,
a seagullness shallow sea...
I'm the torrential rain

that weeps to deep cliffs
to bottomless wells
every night... every moment
Where are you?

I want to come
I'm getting ready, inside of me suddenly
I'm building bridges to the impossible separations
without a way... without preparation.
all of a sudden
the breeze is filling my room with your scent
birds are chirping together at my window...
the faded flowers of my curtain are being enlivened
dancing children are enjoying a feast inside of me.
"20th March"s are being erased from calendars,
and time has always been staying on your birthday.
Where are you?

the brightness of your coming... or the warmth of it?
my heart is being warmed.
now you are IN ME.


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