Tuesday, October 1, 2019



Wild Life

The tree untrimmed
the earth unturned
the milk not churned
flows freely to the faun

the wind unbroken
the words unspoken
become a song
become a song

Morning Face

You were a happy baby,
a bright cosmic orb among us,

Descendant of the Stars,

until Earth sat upon your head
with her voluminous cheeks
smothered your innocence
with her mossy perfume,
erasing all memory
of your stellar

Don't be offended,
it happens to all of us
my dear child


So that we come to breakfast
like that.

West Wind

Words aligned on the left margin,
A winter's branch left bare of thought—

The west wind wore through me,
Pushed me uphill to the abandoned house,
Fought against me upon my return;
Seemed to weather my corners,
And hollow my bones.


Kaly (Kalyna Temertey-Canta) was born in Montreal, Canada and writes primarily in English.  She explores various subjects, including the search for inner peace, primarily through a connection with nature.   Among other venues, her poetry has been published by the California Poetry Society Quarterly.  She lives in the Italian countryside with her family.

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