Tuesday, October 1, 2019



Waiting For A Birth

My desire
command me
whatever you want
Your thirst don't have an end.
my want,
I will rise
Without a will pushing me
From the middle of a storm .
From me, you took the will.
In a cell
A Truncated Hope
And an usurped  dream
In the lodging of the bid
Which angles moan
From void
I only have
Two silent eyelids
Which obey the will
Waiting for the sunset
To touch
The moment of end
To drive me
By the will
A dim light .
A Journey of a birth
Birth of a new soul
With tears and prayer.

Forgotten The Address

Forgotten the address
Between two points
On a line
Life of a men
Birth and death
A Dance of a dream
Without legs
A Passive joy
A Toy of time.
On a waiting floor
A soul that agonizes
Two lost people meet
In a cell of oblivion
After  ceremonies
Of  birth and loss .

The Repealed

From me,
my patience
Has run away.
It left  Without my permission.
Freedom of the mind
How can I  eradicate myself
from the fright
To live what left of the days.
To condemn me
with misfortune is cruel
From what you grieved , I got lost
Climbing a flank of pain
All doors have been closed
I was not allowed any way out
I revolve around myself
Wandering burns me with flame
I'm not your companion
Repealed the copied
This is not a fault on my part
It is your pleasure to travel.


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