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Bonds of green caressing fronds
Whispering come -hither sounds
Beckoning sheen of Maya hounds
Gripping you without any grounds
Bonds that ask no name or pounds
Twirling you in mysterious rounds
Bonds you never knew surrounds
The place where all love abounds
Bonds of green caressing fronds
Whispering come - hither sounds
Copyright Lily Swarn 29.8.2017

That Road

You know that road
The one that meanders into my heart
It's full of pot holes
In which humans accidentally fall
If they are not careful
It has no protective lid that shields it
It cannot protect you from
the painful thud
The grimy slush
The festering stink
The dark abyss
Of my heart's dingy alleys
Where ominous black cats
Bristle their fur and glare accusingly
Where whistles and catcalls resound
Reverberating in a cacophony
Ricocheting past gutters of slime
Where thickened blood awaits its aspirin dose
Where coagulating desires lump up into clots
Into that road my friend
You must tread
Copyright Lily Swarn 29.8.2016

The Spirit of Man

The more you trample on it

The higher it bounces up

The spirit of man is mercurial

It surpasses all horizons till it plays

'"I Spy” with the zenith

An Artesian Well of bubbling lava

Chasms that can tear apart stubborn rock

A ragamuffin beggar in a ripped vest 

With maniacal eyes that inflame a river

A tiny grain of sand on a lonely beach

Transforming into a power house of strength

Riding stallions of Arabian descent

It gallops unbridled into the land of gods

It shakes the monoliths of ancient vintage

With its hypnotic eyes that breathe fire

It swims across the Indian Ocean

Embracing the globe in its tenacious arms

It strides up Everests of icy pinnacles 

To emblazon its name where none had dared

The spirit of man is a Wandering Albatross

Majestic in its span of wing

For who dare pull down the one

Whom the Lord decided to bless ?
Copyright Lily Swarn 7.9.2017


LILY SWARN, multilingual poet , author and columnist is a gold medalist from Government College for Girl, Chandigarh and has University Colours for Best Actress and Histrionics from Panjab University from where she is a post graduate in English. She writes with a poignant touch in English , Hindi , Punjabi and Urdu. Her poetry collection, A Trellis Of Ecstasy ,was lauded in the media by the Chief minister of Punjab and by India Today The Journal of Commonwealth Literature,London called it a “ veritable delight “.Her novel ,The Gypsy Trail was launched by the Governor of Punjab. Lilies of the Valley is her highly appreciated book of essays. Her latest book, History on My Plate was recently launched to receptive and appreciative  press and readers. She has won 32 International and national awards like the Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2016, Global Poet Encomium Of Peace and Universal Love, Global Icon of Peace, Virtuoso Award ,Elizabeth Barrett Browning  International Award ,”An Icon "award at Chandigarh establishment day ,International Poetic Galaxy 2018, Sarojini Naidu Award.The coveted "Frang Bardhi "International Poetry Contest, Albania gave her a Special Award.Also awarded World Icon of Literature, Pride of India ,World Poetic Star. Lily’s poetry has been translated into 14 European and Asian languages. She has been a radio show host in the USA and hosted many stage shows. Lily taught English in Sacred Heart College, Dalhousie . She was the editor of her college magazine and has written columns for national newspapers. Frequently invited for her views on the Multi lingual radio broadcaster, Sher E Punjab Radio aired from Vancouver, Lily was interviewed by Red River Radio, “Tales from the Pages “ show in USA. She has hosted numerous stage shows and has also hosted a musical radio show in NC ,USA. Her school Carmel Convent called Lily, A “versatile genius “.

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