Tuesday, October 1, 2019



The  Redolence Of Soul

The  Redolence of Soul

The obscurity of time comes as night

And the night falls without light

But the soul squanders to cross

All the longings and frost.

He weeped not, he forgot not, he danced not

But he after things sought

The redolence of soul

To reach the entire whole.

Let my soul disentangles to touch you

Not a host of things alone but people few

To shed lights in their life.
(C) Welkin Siskin

Thou Shall Not Be
Consigned To Oblivion

Thou Shall Not Be Consigned to oblivion

Thou shall a fire make a furnace

And thou shall with every rosary of breath go

But thy hands these eager beings kiss

Even life in a fraction of time becomes so and so.

These callous inferno may thy life take,

And its flame may thy being swallow

And its devouring may a ghost thee make

With its untold brutality and clouds billow.

I shall not give in my hope that we shall meet

In the rising dawn of tomorrow.

Thou shall not be consign to oblivion.
(C) Welkin Siskin

To Whom
The Ancient Lyre Sings

The heavens do extract thy verse

And the ocean does a melody make

And the Time does to you nurse

And the shade does cast out the opaque.

Thou art the flame of vital fire

And the shade on which species rest.

Who does a symphony make of ancient lyre

And not an eye or a heart shall detest.

Thy beauty shall in no time age

And thy art shall bequeath a legacy of love

And tho’ the brutal hands of Time shall fade

Thy perfection bit by bit, thou art from above.

For what could a heavenly gift be for me?

Thine eyes of heart shall be an epitome.
(C) Welkin Siskin


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