Friday, May 1, 2020



Sweat For It

Diligence, patience,

Determination, perseverance,

Leads to achievement,

Goal accomplishment.

Instead of others envying,

Far better is sweating,

Sweating and grasping success

For success exhilarates.

Do not invite misery,

Welcome assiduity,

Crowned king you will be,

In your kingdom reign supremely.

Poverty will be at bay,

Believe me nay,

Make hay while the sun is shining.

Otherwise, beware thunder and lightning!

Your time is now or never,

Invite industriousness for ever

Prosper and thrive,

With plenty of honey in your hive.

Never Lose
That Sparkle In Your Eye

Never lose that sparkle in your eyes

Work hard, strive hard towards highs

Your mindset, heart set, soul set,

In brief, overall health set.

Trust your instinct, invite constantly

Not victimhood in your life, but positivity.

Invite your greatness,

Say you can, you can, yes.

Be the hero of your life, reach the divine,

Your life is yours to refine,

Though it takes time to make it shine and blissful,

Ultimately enjoying the fruits will be delightful.

Do not drown in digital entertainment blindly,

Work towards letting go of your past courageously,

Welcome your now with no haze,

Leap in your future days.

Forgive the unforgiven, be fortified,

You will be purified

Do not wait for heaven,

Make your life of peace a haven.

Dancing To The Tune Of Life

I danced to my mum’s tune

Life was full of love, resplendent like the full moon.

And as a blissful flying dove’s tune.

I danced to my partner’s tune,

Life was rosy but not unlike the changing moon,

With ups and down, ever and anon.

I danced to the tune of my boss

Was tolerable, occasionally tempest tossed,

But well, had to please him at all cost.

To my own tune I danced jubilantly,

Oh! I could reach beyond the topmost galaxy,

And with inner joy swoon in ecstasy!

When I danced to the tune of poetry,

Found myself immersed in sheer beauty,

Reaching my heart and soul’s purity.

Then began the dance of creativity,

Soared higher in sheer ingenuity,

Discovering the inner world in immensity.


PUSHMAOTEE SUBRUN studied in Delhi University, worked in Zimbabwe and Mauritius, was later a member of the Council of the University of Mauritius and is currently an editor in the Ministry. She is the author of: ‘Ella’, ‘Who is Your Best Friend?’ and ‘Short Stories and Fables’. ‘Dreams to Reality’ and ‘A lyrical bouquet of Soulful Poems’ will be published soon. Her poems have featured in prestigious online magazines such as ‘Setu’,‘Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2020’, ‘OPA Anthology of Poetry’, ‘Best Poetry’, International Poetry Anthology of Amaravati Poetic Prism and in ‘Destiny Poets’, selected as Poet and critic of ICOP Awards 2019.

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