Thursday, July 1, 2021





Sunrise And Sunset


I like sunset

And you like sunrise,

We both are correct

For both are wise.


Each thing has its beauty

Sunrise is our youth,

And the sunset suggests

Our coming old age.


Life is not just of youth

It has many aspects,

Unless we become old

We don't get the proper respect.


Youth's hue might be brighter

Old age's dim hue is wiser,

Life comprises of youth and old age

Without both life would be shorter.


Sunrise and sunset

Both are mesmerizing,

Sunset displays experience

Sunrise suggests life is just beginning.




Just Be Kind


Let's endeavor to make light

In the lives of distressed masses,

How pathetic is their plight!

Bad time arrives in life to assess.


Since life is short and uncertain

Here everything is so temporary,

Death is ever ready with black curtain

Although life has worries but it is not scary.



How Precious This Life Is!


Just ask this question who is on death bed,

To regain life we don't have any switch

So enjoy this life; even we have a dry bread.


We all must live and enjoy this life

Although in it sorrows and worries,

Never assume ourselves as an orphaned kite

Unless thorns prick, we can't have sweet berries.


We all are the same; if we think wisely

Just keep aside our ego if power and pelf,

If we have anything excess in our big houses

Just be kind and stretch our hands for help.



The Lost Humanity


Today I am on the screen

But can't tell of tomorrow,

For life is so uncertain

Tomorrow I might be off the screen.


Since Nature has frowned

It has been showing its terror,

Now we have heap of corpses

Everyone has become minor.


All our egoes have ruined in the dust

Since life has discarded us,

We can't even have a respectable death

To burn our bodies we have no place.


We were yearning for oxygen

We were yearning for someone's help,

Since the disease pervaded us

Everything went in vain.


What a terrible situation has arrived!

There is no human and humanity,

But do not let to see such condition

At least to our coming posterity.




Prof.Dr. NARENDRA L. GADGE is an Associate Professor of English. He has been in teaching field since 23 years. He has attended several International Poetry Festivals. He has published five English Anthologies of Poems.1. Life's Scattered Words 2.Words from Heart Apart 3.Winged Words 4.Radiance and 5. The Prudent Words. He has also published one Hindi Poems anthology and one edited and compiled English short stories. from these achievements his poems have been published in renknown magazines,journals and newspapers and online platform.


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