Sunday, May 1, 2022



April Sonnet


When winter days turn darkness into light

And sparrow's voice is getting loud and gay

Brave March walks in with snowdrops fair and bright

And paints in green the meadows bare and grey


But soon he, too, must leave the conquered place

When lovely April and her court appear

She shows her princess face with charm and grace

And takes the reins without delay or fear


But lo, her moody quirks and whims beware

For she will play with storms and sun in turns

She'll kiss you softly with a breeze of air

And then she'll whip your face with hail that burns 


So be on guard when she bestows her smile

Are you the one that she wants to beguile?



Love Sonnet


What liquor did you drip into my wine

When first I saw your eyes so dark and wild?

What made me see you wrapped in charm divine

And fell under your spell like a lost child?


What magic did you cast on my blurred mind,

That changed the world into a mirth abode?

What turned my ears deaf, my artless eyes blind

To reason's voice that praised the worthy road?


What lured me in your arms without warning

And drifted me to shores of rare elation

What keeps my spirits high, my body burning

And teaches me the secret of creation?


A quandary as ancient as mankind

With no reply, but us in love entwined



To The Moon – A Sonnet


Since human eyes perceived you in the skies

And worshipped you in reverence and awe

You have bewitched the candid and the wise

And lured them with your beauty without flaw.


To wonder what you are I never cease:

Are you a virgin, sorceress or nun,

Are you Narcissus' guise in lucent seas,

Are you all these in one, or are you none?


Do you rejoice with me on ardent nights,

When shy you harken from behind a tree?

Or never care about my joys and fights

And only mind your cold geometry?


Androgynous creation, man or maid

You are the alchemy of light and shade.



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