Friday, July 1, 2022



I Trust Myself To The Line




There is a miracle of awakening,

When the rays rush to you Swaddle a new birth,

 As the firstborn of your soul.

I'm rocking her in my arms

In the constellation of the dawn roses.

And I enter life without noticing,

How quickly the firstborn grew up.




Times are different in your eyes,

Where the servants light candles.

And silks silver wave

It gently exposes your shoulders.

The evening garden is filled with music.

The piano keys are touched by the hand.

There are a number of wicker chairs on the veranda.

Champagne is poured into glasses...

Thank you for looking at me!

All that is now - I no longer need!

Times are different in your eyes,

Please don't look away!




Let's fill the words with eternity,

When the lips have already closed

And only a difficult whisper is heard, –

I'm sorry, my beloved…

Oh, life, how short is your path:

One sigh, one careless step!

 It all seems like we will be forever,

 But here, and the lips will not open!




SERGEY A. POVALYAEV was born on November 28, 1944 in the city of Grodno (Republic of Belarus). Since 1949 he has been living in the city of Minsk. Graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University, PhD in Philosophy. For a long time he taught at the Belarusian State University. Currently, he is a pensioner. The creative path of Sergey Povalyaev begins from the moment when his army poems were first published in the newspaper "For the Glory of the Motherland". Sergey Povalyaev's first book of poems "Selected Lyrics" was published by the Minsk publishing house "Oracle" in 1992. After that, collections were published in electronic form (Ridero publishing house): "Revelation of Love", "Test of Feelings", "Romance with Echo continuation", "Anthology of Poetry", "Notes of an old townsman". Separate cycles of poems were published in Russian printed publications: "Poet of the Year", "My Russia", "Image", "Bulletin of the Bunin Society of Russia"./

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