Saturday, October 1, 2022





Life is a gift by the Universe,

experience of traveling soul.

Life may be bitter or built in a verse,

but it's always a meaningful flow.

Life, it is only one breath away from heaven.

The Holy breath.


Free Your Dream


Awake your most beautiful dream,

give a life to desires,

let it fly as a bird with the wind,

let exchange and admire...

Let it hug someone somewhere,

dreams are messengers’ prayers.


Thirst For Life


She seemed to take a breath,

there in the smog

of the city rumble.

Through the gray concrete,

in the muddy ditch,

in spite of the darkness

she was dissolving beautiful fingers ...




DESSY TSVETKOVA: Bulgaria. Dessy has 5 poetry books in Bulgarian and one in English, called "Wind whispers". She compiked an Anthology "River of words" with contemporary and classic Bulgarian authors, translated in English, French or German. Her poems are published in magazines and anthologiesin Belgium, Bulgaria, India, Albania, USA, UK, Romania, Serbia, Indonesia, Mexico. Dessy is from Bulgaria, living in Belgium, member of the Flemish Party for Poetry. Dessy won the 1st place for poetry in World Literature Festival in Brashov, Romania, 2022.

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