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The Journey Of Souls





Light From Light


Light beings know that they are light.

Beings of light, rainbow body mind,

Rainbow emotion, rainbow feeling.

The beings of light are unicos light.

Rainbow beings, rainbow feeling,

Rainbow perception, rainbow image,

Rainbow beings, anything rainbow,

Light thoughts, rainbow light energy.

Rainbow beings, rainbow matter,

Thoughts light, the light of living rainbow plasma...

Rainbow beings from rainbow rays,

The body of light, All rainbow existence.

Rainbow beings's all transformation,

The harmony of the spirit beats in the Lotus flower


From Lotus Flower


Love is a drop of gold from the inkwell,

The grain, the ink of passion,

From the living flower, kiss of union,

Golden lips heart, alive flies.

Through the spiraling Portal we smoothly sip the song,

Drawing sonnets from the lotus flower,

The Holy Spirit, The Non-Shivering Grain,

Golden breasts wave, soothes the thought.

The eye of the wave flows from my dharma,

On the spirit's eye on the spiral of Olympus.

Now stop the blink in sacred time.

My hourglass caught in Lotus karma.

Spirit, Soul, Mind alive stirred,

Whirlwind Winged Heart flies.


I Grow Lotus Flowers


In the garden, the fruit of my soul,

Grow Lotus Flowers of pure Humanity,

Their scent is living joy...

I watered them with tears, hard.

They always squeeze new verses from their nectar.

Golden spirals in two travel,

In the tunnel of love I dream green

The joys, which I share equally.

They are lotus flowers from quasar gathered,

At the sunrise of Aton, in the cool,

Deep in the heart to creep...

For they are from Olympus, drenched in longing.

To reach the heart of gold,

By holy myrrh, eternal fear banishes us


Of The Tree Of Life


Of the tree of life on the old Mother's Ram

Fractal, of life Flower of light,

The mother at her breast clasps him serenely,

Nursing Horus when Cub we all were.

Little Horus, alive, laughs... son of old,

Of life drink water from the light,

Horus is our last root star,

From it we spin eight cells remember...

I listen to how Floare waltzes the sonnet

As from the dreamy leaf Aton sings to us again

The broken crown is Ammon's ark,

Mathematics inspires the duet.

Isis and Horus New Prophetic Sonnet...

From Ra's Eye, Osiris sprang.


The Seed Of Life


Of fractal life on the river Merkaba

The tree, the seed of life, gently dances,

The mother with Osiris at her breast waltzes,

Nursing the grain...dream of the stream.

The living tree laughs... through non-words,

Of life Flower sipping from the light,

The bean is our only root star,

From her Merkaba of remembrance...

I listen to the sonnet waltzing in the tree

As from the leaf I squeeze on Aten's lip,

The crown-in-flower is in Amon's bosom,

The flower is the mouth that tastes the duet.

Isis and Horus New Prophetic Sonnet...

From Ra's Eye, cube, toroid beget.


Single Toroid


Of the tree of life on the old Mother's branch

Lotus, flower of life, gently cradle,

Mother in her bosom, her soul dreams beyond,

Watering the tree... Cube, Toroid I was.

The sun sings... Oom... too soon,

Of life Lotus taste smooth light,

Its flower is our soul a divine star,

From it I eternally squeeze remembered sonnets...

I listen to how the sonnet waltzes in Spirit

As Aton breathes spirit from the seed,

Lotus-crowned in Amon's ark,

The flower of my soul inspires the poet.

Isis and Osiris new prophetic spirit…

From Ra Ochi's, a new poem I wish.


The Only Wave


One is the Ripple of Humanity

The waves of the Universe ripple.

Easy Humanity undulates,

Easy Bears follow…

The waves of Utopias amaze...

One is the Ripple of Humanity,

The only warped Wave of Shadows,

Bear Oneness follows,

Unique is the Ripple of Unity.

Huge where they urinate amazingly

Huge universes, easy,

Amazing Ascend, Unique, slightly pitcher,

Utopia wave amazing.

Unique Unique, Wave Universes,

The stunning wet Utopia.


Ballad of Gentleness... Blessed


The bing-bang of churches beats Bing-bang!

Church, Buddhism, Brahmanism,

The boat of churches beats Buddhism.

Brahman, Buddha, Church-in-the-boat Bing-bang!

Brahman, Buddha, the Church is joy!

Beat the Blessings of Brahman

Beat the Blessing of Bahaism

Baha'Úlah, Brahman, Buddha is joy!

Church bubbles knock, block

Baha'Úlah's Blessed Breeze, embroidered,

The Ballad of Gentleness, Blessed...

Bible Bing-Bang Bubbles Block!

The Bible, the Bing-bang Hail the Bahá'ís,

Buddha, Brahman Bless the Bahá'ís!


The Flower Is The Mother, The Petal Of Aton


Life's tree with mother's living branch

The seed of his life rock me

Ra as the thought of the Journey

His eye rising through Isis, I was,

Flower of life, with word of water,

On life's song the light stirs

Peace of life the intoxicated root,

Lips kiss singing petals.

Of life the leaf sings peace, Shalom,

Of life Flower sonnets delight

The flower through peace swallows the army.

The flower is the mouth, the petal of aten.

Isis and Osiris through Horus unite,

From the Eye of Ra, peace beget me!


The Tor Of The Universe


Tor of attractions, which are repulsed by flight

Double spirals float through flight, eternal

Opposite senses of balance keep sifting through us

From the light-flying Cub I touch it longingly.

Strings waste golden vibrations

From other new worlds, from another new earth.

From which metaphors of longing

I drink in the eye of the new time-space spiral

Vortex, tor, non-stop, sip longing

It wastes rays endlessly

From the lips of a flower, budding sun.

To sprout new petals from the cloud.

Tor, Spiral, fractal cube of eternity

From infinite longing, eternal will shine.


The Vortex Of Life


Toru's attractions, how eternally they reject each other

Double spirals that stay with us forever

Opposite meanings smooth balance sifts it for us

From the Ankh the light in eternal flight touches her.

Strings make a waste of vibration petals

It snows from another world, in other words.

From the Flower of Life metaphors flour

I sip from the eye of the constellation spiral.

Vortex, tor, longing flight without stops,

Flower of life wastes from infinity

From the lips of a flower, budding sun.

To inflate into a cube, a tower of views

Tor, Spiral, from the fruit of our eternals

From the new living Seed it will shine.


Ankh Of Life


Toru's attractions, how eternally they reject each other

Double spirals that stay with us forever

Opposite meanings smooth balance sifts it for us

From the Ankh the light in eternal flight touches her.

Oval waste of petals vibrations

From another world snows the cross in the cube.

From the Flower of Life rhythms through tube verse

I sip from the eye of the constellation spiral.

Vortex tor, flight, longing without stops,

The tree of life, power from infinity

From the lips of a flower, budding sun.

To bloom in Ankh, tor of views

Ankh, Spiraled, from the fruit of the New Eternals

From the new living Seed it will shine.


Tetrahedron Stars


Cube of attractions, which repel each other by flying

Double cubes unite through longing, eternal

Opposite senses of balance keep sifting through us

From the Sphere Cube in flight I kiss her longingly.

From Dodeca, Icosa-n golden vibrations

From another cube to cube, star Tetrahedron

Knead sonnets from longing Octahedru

I sip through the eye of the new time-space spiral.

Vortex, star, non-stop, sip longing

of endless tetrahedron stars

From the lips of a flower, budding sun.

To make the traveling cube bloom again.

Star tetrahedron, fractal of eternity

Longing from infinity, eternal will shine.


Column Of Infinity


Loop-in attractions, how eternally they are rejected

Double spirals look eternal

Opposite meanings, balance is still sifting for us

From the Ankh the light-in eternal flight I take it out.

Sorb tor, rhomboid of petals vibrations

Snow from another world, the word flourished.

From the Tree of Life my verses stir me

I see through the eye of the column of connotations.

Spirals in a circle, longing flight without stops,

Flower of life, seed of infinity

From the lips of a flower, Enchanted Sun Egg.

To bloom in the column of unrest.

Rhombus, Spiral, from the fruit of our eternity

From the Pillar of Cloud, peace will shine.


Infinite Rhomboid


Strings make petal sounds, vibrations

From another world it rains, treasures of thought.

Through the Tree of Life he bound heaven to earth

Smell through the eye of the sensation spiral.

Non-stop Rhomboid torus flight,

The flower of life, grain from infinity

From the lips of a flower, OM Sun-green.

To blossom in the spiral of great silence.

You keep wasting, without stopping, you sip longing

Golden number, endless love.

From flower circles, budding sun.

Twin pyramids in infinite flight.

Rhomboid pyramids of eternity

Longing for infinity, it will always shine.




I. The Author-Of the vortex flower of life


My sadness flies to bring you joy

The extinguished feather sparks in my hand again today

All my thoughts beat in it, like a pulse wave...

No force has torn the ink from my soul.

The blood from the wound literally soaked in the heart.

I'm writing to you but suddenly a world comes over me;

As in the pure grain of plasma, in every drop of verse,

It squeezes to fit the whole universe,

From which thy immortal name flourishes.

From thought to song, in flight revealing its secret,

The pen crashes into the paper stars...

But he stopped moaning with a proud smile.

"Who wants to wear his sonnet ASAP?"

Naked, hidden in the coat of arms,

My living sadness flies to bring you joy...


II. Of life flower... I sip


I'm going to look for you the whole Unicosul,

Come Lotus Flower, sing to me, where can I see you?

At least for one day, I want to love you!

Or, maybe the Universe will help me...

I'll look for you in the stars...sip glitter,

In a long-dreamed-of galaxy,

Through the eye of the spiral sought,

Maybe I'll find you in love!

I will search for you through space and time,

Through pulsars, quasars, the Moon or the Sun,

Until I meet you, my hope does not die!

Since it's spring, winter in spirit I fly through Olympus!

I want to have you by my side

To see how my life is, to drink you!


III. Like the flower of life


As the Lotus flower shines

And it reminds us of her exit

Or through a dream it reveals its purpose.

That's how the spirit flies willingly...

A soul, Ra, as long as he can endure

What will fill the felt void?

Who will know the answer to the question?

Filled with longing, how long can it wait?

A spirit, Ra, how much can he hope?

Won't the sucked vacuum fill it?

Who will know the answer to the question?

Full of flight can not wait!

As the flower of life unites us,

So Aton sonnet prophesies...




IV. Boat takes The Nil in my chest, to find out his bride and groom


The twin is the sacred goal of nature:

Drawn to him, from beyond space,

The stars in the sky waltz into constellations...

The boat takes the Nil of my chest, to find her bride and groom,

Like life towards the sun, towards you-I reach out

The apples of my eyes are intoxicating sap;

Every verse I write to you is a kiss.

In the webs of adoration through longing I light you,

Sweet victims of the tender law,

Love does not take random forms:

If I wasn't Ra, would you have chosen me?

why are you leaving me Do you rip and tear?

Torn in two and in the vortex of drinking,

How can I still be the God of love?


V. Where do you come from Man? Who are you?


To tell you who you are: where did you come from?

The shell of the star you carry with you

You sipped the essence and emptied me of myself.

Taste vividly my splendor and goodness;

Spiral eyes, you are the dear look,

From the body I fly, dizzying vortex dance

Lips flowers of zee you are their kiss,

The sleds, the flavor, their whole shape.

You are "your lazy limping heart,"

Not impenetrable thought woven from delusions

You are the face of a soul filled with thoughts

Unearthly tears were squeezed out.

With all that I have gathered from you pure, I God,

You are made up differently, but I am your spirit.


VI. I am the Zero of divine rays in a kiss


I taste the fruit, not the flower, it would seem gold to me...

As I investigate my light's origin,

My soul, my spirit, the thought of my heart

It would seem to me a thousand times harder,

I sing to myself the nothingness from which I emerged

And, the infinity I submit to,

My lord, the chosen one, with glory-crowned:

The zero from divine rays-in a kiss.

The purest flower of my life

It is you in the desire to let yourself be loved

Adored, the inseparable lover.

Not just a friend of heavy passions.

The emptiness full of thoughts, feeling, dream, longing,

He for all time creator.


VII. In my shell, breathless


Feast of delights, of kisses

The glory of love is not the stuffing,

But of the mystery-entwined longing-with-waiting.

God, I'm in a world without hugs.

I adore you with the same longing that defeats me alive,

With-restraints, torments ascetics-achieve ecstasy;

Love is not water, let it blow you into a stormy wind.

Globes at will; in the noose the pure blood...

I did not write to you, like them, on silver or merindas

With noisy, throbbing burning;

Mystery sonnets from petrified passion.

With the spirit escape it, it lights up..

In my shell hidden, breathless,

I am his pearly suffering.


VIII. I am your reflection in the white ravine


What would be the use of spirit, poetry...

If you fly with the star's cold sparks,

The spirit's wings are burdens,

Their struggle in symphonic rhythm.

The intention of your heart spoken,

It is my law of pure and heavy gold;

Genius father of my genius.

I am your mirror, Cosmos, Ivita,

Let the fogs without time swallow us...

From the white ravine late flame;

Growing mystery of our poetry,

Eternally, the whole world will be amazed,

For the love planted in the mind, you burn,

Secretly, secretly, father, the fruit from the flowers!


IX. By you Ra I understand the whole nature,

Spring is beating in our hearts!... portal

The mystery of the world, Ra, is in your eyes,

We shine a new sun on your old ways...

From life flower, sun Ra, fractal.

Is it of the trembling eyelid or is Isis a living butterfly?

Is it Her hand? Or a dove?

Red raspberry bean is his mouth,

Slender trunk with apples is His sapling body...

By you I mean the whole nature,

The whole order in the universe,

Your thin foot that treads water as you go,

The snake that swallows your entrails in ignorance,

Snow, flowers, fruit on the way lay down on him,

One by one, subject to His eternal rhythm!


X Join me, on the throne forever! (To the poetess)


Only friendship doesn't want us anymore,

Tsunami rushes my feeling.

You dripped my beginnings in love,

A mountain and ocean love was beginning.....

Vision pretending to be a hut in a palace,

And you, the princess, by magic;

Bearing scepter of dream and poetry,

I found Herod the Emperor in me,

You, Salomea, dance for me today,

With the spirit of all-conquering beauty!

Water my only thirsty longing;

I give my whole kingdom to you.

Don't ask me for John's head on the plate;

Join me, on the throne forever!


XI. Infinite longing, love, for you.


Eternity, I change into a diamond;

By foyer tor, cube of poetry

Living light spring of eternity,

Forever echoing my sonnet into nothingness...

I exchange the Egg in one eye, like a gem,

What burns cold in its inner game:

The source of fire does not fall asleep in me.

From the creation of the world, suddenly,

Bob what-hides the virtues of the essence;

Diamond, which burns the seed of the plague...

Cut a window in the walls of existence,

To enter immortality with her spirit.

Vortex from flying diamantine verses

Infinite longing, love, for you.

My love stretches across time-space;

Yours lies on a boundless field:

In my love, forever is a kiss

For women, dogs, princes or gods from Olympus.




ROMANESCU SALOMEEA: She holds a PhD in the History of International Relations and European Integration - European Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries and Postgraduate European Studies - Center International pour la Formation Europeenne - International Center for European Training (CIFE), Nice, France and Department of Political Science and European Affairs, University of Cologne, Germany. He has a European Master in Human Rights and Democratization - Human Rights and the Democratization Process. University of Padua. He is interested in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding for Representatives of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, UNITER Geneva, - UN, Landegg Academy, Switzerland, Studied 24 foreign languages including Sanskrit and Hindi - through studies at the National Institute of Languages and Oriental Civilizations, France,University of Bucharest.She is interested in creating a new integrative theory of knowledge that brings together the natural, social, applied sciences, worldview and ethics that will lead to the creation of an international system that will create peace through literary work dedicated to the theory of everything but also through thesis of Postgraduate Academic Studies in International Relations and European Integration, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest and studies of spirituality and quantum medicine, in the training of the leaders of the world spiritual-informational elite, cosmomanism, cosmology, history of religions. His theory is applied in his poetic work but also in his profession of Business Advisor, Coordinator Training Cycle and training of trainers in the field of management of structural instruments and European affairs, Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of European Integration. He was a School inspector, Ministry of National Education. She has published Poems for children - Poems for children, philosophical poetry in numerous Anthologies with philosophical poetry awarded first place nationally and internationally. The poem of the healing of humanity encrypts the Theory of Everything capable of secreting a peaceful, integrated societal model of earthly soul happiness.


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