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I Have An Indescribable Fear

That I Can’t Understand...


   My head is buried in a pile of sand

   I'm like a wasteland with tens of thousands of thistles waiting to be plowed


   Tons of black tulip flowers planted between my ribs, deep streams of black tar in my wounds, rivers of yellow pus

   A road where there is no escape from the enemy


   O creator of existence and sunset, my unique pen to which I seek help when I am sad, the painter of the unique depths that lighten the burden of the birds flying among the clouds


   All sinless animals groan with the pain of silently witnessing the quiet destruction of creation!


   Blessings you will offer in heaven

   Yellow grape wine.  The shadow of the sycamore tree.

   Rose gardens, winds blowing from the east and north.

   All eyes falling into the arms of sleepless nights, longing for the color of sleep.


   The wise owners of the four seasons”

   Springs in the eyes of humanity, the wave of the water reflected in the eyes of the fish living in the river


   Hearted sparrows crushed between centuries

   They wait silently in agonizing weariness, digesting everything that fate has to offer.


   O supreme being, we know that you have given us all that has come and will come from you in a digestible form for generations.


   The table of those who do not have a beginning will be poor.

   Damn the dry picture of absence, it's so hard to face the obvious facts


   I know it's not always prosperity, I know that time must be cooked with pain.


   I've been crushed like grains of sand piled on top of each other

   Despite the scorching sun, I'm not a rebel


   Although life is like a camel's fist,

   Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried.  It's impossible to find a scale to carry what's going on.


   Patience was presented to us like a pot of gold, and the sound of destruction was etched in our memories.


   And all we know is the past, troubles, sorrows, distances, and they are gone yesterday and I know that those who are gone will be replaced by new troubles.


   But there is so much we do not know and will never know. We are blind to tomorrow and I know that we will continue to live in that absence of light.


 Caroline Laurent Turunc



Desolate Roads To Infinity!


 I'm the eighth valley on top of purgatory

   between two flowered beaches

   Far from essence, beyond imagination

   Between valuable objects and the existence of different virtues


   A dark sky forever destroyed, stars streaming into the depths, wild galleys howling in the clouds, angry suns melting the desert sands


   Where I enjoy remembering past happiness with memories from the ages


   I'm walking on the sand and it's raining hot water from the sky

   a country surrounded by a world where there is no concept of time


   I guess nothing hurts more than remembering past happiness.


   Because as we get closer to his will, our mind dives so deep that our memory cannot follow it.


   Seven planets revolve around the sphere and you are the eighth

   Winter months in the icy sky


   You follow the godless on the shores to cross the great rivers of raging fire,


   And you talk to yourself, if I were an iceberg, I didn't see anyone who deserved my shadow.


   goes beyond memories

   These objects with weight are in the eternal cold

   you get roasted down your neck


   You say keep the memories in the memories, then you think how meaningless this thought is, but you know you can never tell exactly what you saw!


   What do I have in mind, those who complain of pain, those who shout in anger,

   loud voices, muffled voices, clapping hands,


   We are innocent people of God's spirit in this world.

   There is so much pain in the world, like the pain of death.


   It is as if the valleys are as frightening as the steep mountains.

   and the forest is getting harder and harder to describe.


   you're after what you wrote


   When you see with your own eyes that the fire burns every day and every fire burns in different colors.


   You're questioning yourself You're so angry at who you are, your anger is in your teeth


   Yes, our soul is a steep and endless desolate road

   The peak of the thirty-fifth valley between sunrise and sunset



 Caroline Laurent Turunc


The Taste Of Being Lost In Life!


Sometimes a warm, sometimes a cold wind caresses my neck and I feel like I'm walking on clouds step by step.


 Starry nights and melting deserts, I'm filled with silence, lost and forgotten


 Expectations, accusations, ambitions and pursuits

 without ever needing


 I smile at the night and the clouds.

 And to all the stars above...


 I really enjoyed walking through my pain with any idea of what I wanted.


 I've always wondered about the delicious truth of getting lost in life.

 And I know we'll never know until we taste it


 I stare sideways at my dreams and the stars above.  I felt they wanted to say a thousand things to me


 Footprints showing the weariness of the past cast a shadow over them.


 As I went higher I could see that the countless stars were not actually standing there, just reflections.


 I wandered among the clouds for a while, not calculating how far I had progressed, and when I came to the door of the fifth universe, I stopped and looked at the reflections of the past.


 There's nothing more blind than love

 And I'm in a valley where they say the sun doesn't shine after the rain


 The night goes on, the darkness fades, the stars multiply and my heart only speaks of you.


 A crowd of people behind a veil of intercession, showing all the beauty and ugliness of a life full of dreams and laughter.


 I don't know if it really comforts me to see that everything has a price.


 You sit in your corner, in your hammock, or in your garden.

 Someone reminds you that you're in the wrong war

 Their sizzling voices ring in your ears and they remember telling you that you can't live life the way you want.


 Nor why, everything is upside down

 it's getting really hard to be you


 A thousand meaningless things are said


 You feel like you've fallen into the river of sensuality

 Distilled, exceeded, wasted hours

 You find yourself playing the anticipated comedy


 And you're really far from being just you


 'Cause we're among a thousand things

 We try to protect what was created for us.

 We are far from focusing on being me.


Caroline Laurent Turunc





CAROLINE LAURENT TURUNÇ is from Antakya, Turkey, from Arab origin, she is the daughter of a family of nine children. She has a sociology degree and has written over 1500 poems since 2013, received many certificates from abroad, and participated in nearly 40 local and foreign anthologies. Her poems are still published in many international journals and websites. She is writing a novel that she is about to finish.  She published two collections of poems, "Between the Orient and the North" and "Desert Lily". She came second among 2575 poets from each country at the world literature championship held in Romania. She won an award at the eighth spring poetry festival held in the town of Yan, China, causing it to be selected for the "World Poet Literary Museum" commissioned by the Silk Road Cultural Center of Northwest University of China. She was also a member of the jury of the Galaxia International Prize for Unpublished Poetry, 2021 edition in Chile. She is a columnist for Basken Haber Ankara Newspaper. She is a columnist for ÖZGÜR İFADE Istanbul Newspaper. Ambassador FOR PEACE International university Diplomatic mission free citizen Association And independent in France. The Ambassador of the International cultural salon Association creative visions in Tunis. Ambassador of Morocco of IFCH in Turkey Organizing committee member in Writers capital international foundation. Paris representative of the international foundation u.t.e.f., a Turkey-based Humanitarian Aid organization. Currently lives in Paris, France


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