Saturday, October 1, 2022






Once a year fall


To paint the leaves



Every once in a while

Red and yellow to finish the masterpiece.

Copyright Gheorghe Laura

All Rights Reserved.

August 24th, 2022.



An Autumnal Palette


Once a year when her time comes,

Lady Autumn changes nature’s gown

To match with Persephone’s mixed feelings

Between enjoying life on the surface with her mother

And having to return underground

To her husband’s dark gloomy realm.

Green is the reminder of her connection with nature,

Red is the goddess’ love for Hades,

Orange is her impatience to return to the surface,

Purple are the chrysanthemums in Demeter’s garden,

Brown is the wisdom she gained after the horrible event,

Yellow is the happiness that mother and daughter

Feel when they are reunited in the season of rebirth.

Copyright Gheorghe Laura

All Rights Reserved.

August 25th, 2022.



What’s Behind The Wall?


Is the question the archeologist asked himself

When he reached the hidden temple.

As he thought of ways to break it,

An invisible force is leafing through his soul

Checking to see if his intentions were good or bad.

Tears of shame ran down the man’s cheeks

Thinking about the act he has to commit

To save the lives of the innocent held captive

In the tyrant’s dark underground rooms.

“Break the wall, take the valuables

And bring them to me before the fall equinox

Or you’ll never see your loved ones again,”

Were the words echoing in his mind.

He was about to give up and find another way

When he suddenly felt something in his hand.

He noticed a medallion with the following message

Engraved on it:

“Willpower and determination can break

Any wall that blocks your way.”

Copyright Gheorghe Laura

All Rights Reserved.

August 8th, 2022.




GEORGIANA-LAURA GHEORGHE: Born in a country with a wonderful history, customs, traditions and culture, she’s a sensitive soul whom considers writing as a way to express her untold feelings and opinions. She’s a translator, but creative writing is one of the many hobbies she has. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in the English Language and Literature – French Language and Literature – Philology at “Spiru Haret” University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters – Bucharest (Romania) and a Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpretation at “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galaţi (Romania). She competed in a few national literary projects such as the online poetic show „În Lumea Copilăriei”, Parfumul Clipei, May 2022 and international literary championships such as the “Dantebus” National Poetry Contest, 4th edition, Italy, 2022 etc. She was awarded the „Certificate for Best Entry” for my photography/poem „The Feline” entered in the ILA Magazine’s „ANYTHING SATURDAY”, Category: VISUAL ART/ POEM COMPOSITION, founder Annette Nasser held on July 9th, 2022, awarded on July 24th, 2022; “Mențiune” at the „Exercițiu de Imaginație” contest, judges: Ana Văcărașu, Ioan Avram organized by the Cenaclul Literar Artistic „Simfonia Cuvintelor”, July 17th, 2022 etc. She published poetry in various national and international literary magazines and anthologies, and launched two bilingual poetry books “What is life?” on September 2019 and “The Chest of Life” on 2021. She’s a member of ARTLIT - Asociația Română a Traducătorilor Literari from February 15th, 2022 and of the World Literature Academy that is under the aegis of the Romanian Cultural Centre in London from October 20th, 2020. Other than creative writing, she likes to listen to music mostly classical, instrumental and soundtracks, travel and navigate on the Internet. 



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